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#FreebieFriday #giveaway #freebie #sharethelove   so for today’s freebie and giveaway I found this really cool candle with some pretty good intention statements on it. LIVE WELL, LAUGH OFTEN  LOVE MUCH who couldnt use a blast of those energies into their life right? If you would like to go on the petition  paper that this candle will burn upon just say your name below, be over 18, and try to share if at all possible, if not to your wall publicly, then Google plus, Twitter or sharing privately by messenger to someone is fine.  I’ll be taking names for 48 hours and will do this on Tuesday night which is the #supernewmoon #newmoon So if you were thinking of doing spell work get them orders in!

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DIY Hoodoo Honey’s Spicey Honey Love Jar, Love Spell. FREE

Shopping list, Organic if possible

Real Vanilla

Real Sugar, white or brown

Real Honey 


Ginger Powder or small root 

Cinnamon powder or small sticks 

Real Maple Syrup 

A yellow or orange bell pepper 

Rose Water or Fresh or dried Rose Petals

Basil, fresh or dried

Jasmine oil or Jasmine tea leaves 

A cup of coffee

 red or white taper candles or chubby short candles 

Small jar with lid

Small piece of parchment paper 
I’m going to leave out setting up your spot to do this,  and calling in the directions, or whatever you do personally,  and cleansing the area,  etc because I want everyone to do what they would normally do . And if this is your first spell ever,  you probably don’t want to start with a strong love and passion spell.  So just to be a ass like that,  I’m gonna leave out this chunk on purpose lol

But for those who do know what they are doing, do it your regular way.

First inscribe your candle, if white don’t forget to write the word Red and add extra love symbols, yes hearts are indeed fine to use.

Inscribe your name and birthdate then inscribe their name over yours and birthdate if known. 

Draw hearts, and add words like Lust love fun commitment sex whatever you see yourself doing with this person, you can go into more detail in a moment on your parchment paper 

Now take a small square of your paper and do the same thing you just did on the candle only describe a date with this person, or your wedding, or the sex, etc

Now soak both the paper and the candle in coffee 

Let dry
While those are drying 

Take all your ingredients and this is where you get to customize if your a person who has a high sex drive and needs alot of sex in your relationship your gonna use more Spicey then sweet

If you are aiming for super sweet Gaga love your gonna use more sweetness

If you want a equal mix your gonna try to keep it equal

So before you start to add in your ingredients above look at the size of your jar and mentally make your fraction of how sweet vs Spicey you want. 

Becareful of doing straight 100 percent spice, seen alot of heartache come from this,  you may think you can handle a loveless good time, but if your actually doing all this work just for a one time heartless romp , you either have way too much time on your hands or your lying to yourself lol

OK now that you have visualized your fractions and jar size 

For sweet love

Sugar honey maple syrup vanilla nutmeg rose petals or water basil 

For Spicey Lust 

Ginger cinnamon orange or yellow bell peppers and alot or Jasmine tea leaves or Jasmine oil. Or if your somehow lucky enough to have some,  fresh jasmine will do the trick too.

So now get your inner chemist on and combine the ingredients from the Spicey and sweet sides to make your perfect potion here. 

Then put your paper in the jar and start filling it up 

Once filed put the lid on as tight as possible.

Now heat the bottom of your candle till it starts to melt then stick it to the lid

Make sure it’s on there good,  I take no responsibility in any way for you burning something if your candle falls off your lid, do not leave this unsupervised or around animals or children.

Now your gonna let the candle just burn all the way down and let the dripping wax create a  seal over the jar, yes it can take hours, yes and some do not agree with this,  but in my opinion yes you can blow it out, rub your hands in the smoke and take a break and come back and re light candle as needed. 

Now once your done,  close your area however you normally do, depending on your practice, I’ve tried to write this for Pagans, Wiccans, Hoodoo ppl etc which all have their own ways so use this to your own way of doing things whatever that is.

Then me myself,  because I do about 3 to 4 honey jars a week, I have to go bury them out in the field, I’ve been doing these for 20 years I would need like 3 houses just to keep jars even though I use the smallest jars I can find lol

But since your only doing your own you have a few options here,  first and my favorite for extra bam results is sticking it in the back of your freezer, just leave it there,  for years or until over the relationship,  or until you’ve been together for a year and you know your bond has naturally grown tight and your past needing spell work. The other option is back of a closet etc, shouldn’t attract bugs if sealed super tight. The other option is to bury it on your property or close by , or in a house plant in a large container.

And there you go! Have fun and enjoy! 

To Charge For Spell Castings or Not To Charge. Pagan, Wicca, Conterversy. 

​I had a fun little discussion with a stranger today that has inspired me to take a minute to discuss a old heated topic in the Wiccan and Pagan and Hoodoo and all sorts of Spiritual Services Industry I guess we will call it.

 Most people have no issue paying a local Tarot Reader to read, A local Wiccan to teach a workshop at a shop, But God help you as a spell caster if you charge ! LOL I worked for free when I first started, I about went broke keeping up with demand. Supplies ain’t that cheap peeps lol

And when you start doing it online you can end up spending hours a day explaining the difference of control and influence and Self Will, and I do mean hours, so we’re supposed to put in all that time and effort on both teaching and performing Spell Work for Free? Really? Seriously? 

I also teach Tribal Belly Dance or have, was I supposed to do that for free? 

Is my Voodoo Doctor I use occasionally supposed to not charge me for his time and supplies and why is it acceptable in Voodoo and Hoodoo over all for workers to charge but not in Wicca? There’s even a slight almost sexism here,  There are more males selling Voodoo services, and more females in Wicca , yet it’s more accepted when males sell spell casting services? 

That’s some slightly shadey shit right there lol A game I will not play. 

If you are providing a service, be it teaching yoga , dancing, performing rituals, reading cards, life coaching, reiki healing, hot footing lol I dont care what your doing but if your *doing* that is a verb, and it’s OK to accept a fee for your *doing*

It does not in any way mean your a scam artist. 

Your charging a fee for you doing a service. 

That is it.

This myth and common misconception of Witches who charge for services are Con Artists has gotten to be broken .

Stand up and defend your rights !

Psychic Readers Spell Casters Pagan Handcrafted Items Reiki Healers Wanted!

Mystic Market on Facebook Free Sales Page and Supportive Community

So I started going to this group on Facebook called the Pagan Market, it was based out of the UK but has alot of great sellers and members and just this great vibe. I really wanted to be a part of it but due to my location I don’t have regular access to the main post office for international shipping and the little shipping store I use doesn’t do international shipping.
But I liked the group so much, I started a American based group, imitation is the highest form of flattery right ? LOL
I started the group on New Years Day, thought that was special.
But its got a long way to grow yet! We desperately need people with all things mystical going on! From Hand crafted Jewelry and statues or any cool witchy wares. To Spell Casters, Real ones only please. No 1000 rip offs, lol
And good psychics. I know for a fact because I’m one of them lots of amazing Reiki healers and Witches lost Esty shops last year. You are begged to come to Mystic Market on Facebook and list all you want. No fees, No BS, Just list till your hearts content.
I started it because I love what I do and I’m tired of feeding the pockets of Etsy and eBay, building up hundreds of positive feedbacks just to wake up to the whole thing suddenly ended.
It gets heart breaking !
For those still on Etsy and eBay you are welcome to just list and link items in your shops though! I still have a few little things on eBay and my main Spell Casting and Psychic Readings and Mojo Bags on Artfire and when I list just use the links to those items.
Or if you no longer have a shop and just want to sell some used Wicca books or New Age meditation CDs or Want to list your psychic readings you can list those then have the potential buyers contact you to work out payments and shipping or what not.
It’s really great for everyone and totally free for sellers and buyers.
We just need way more people!

Because it’s a Facebook group not a page there is no official URL that I’ve figured out but next time your on Facebook just hit your search bar, type in Mystic Market, should be the first public group up.
And hit join 🙂

I really want to make this something special for everyone!!

Feel free if you do have your own website to come join too and show us what your selling, it is free advertising if nothing else you know! And right now there’s only a few members but if we get a few new people a day we can all create something really special.

Also if you have Tribal Belly Dance gear please join too, I teach and perform and consider it part of my Witchy Ways lol
Also Djembe Drum Sellers. Need you too as I plan on purchasing one soon lol
Thank you again to the UKs Pagan Market for the inspiration to try a US version.

Remember just next time your on Facebook simply search Mystic Market

Thank you!

BTW I was given a link!!! Here it is!!!!

Mystic Market on Facebook

Broomsticked on Artfire

I’m addicted to making fixed rice mojo bags. 


So I’ve always been known locally for being able to make highly successful fixed rice for all sorts of situations. It never sold well online, think people are less familar with it. But it’s always been a true favorite of my locals. 

They say sometimes what seems like a curse is really a blessing. When Etsy banned me yet again for spell casting services. I got determined to offer a tangible product so I could continue a new shop on Etsy. 

I was doing my cards, thinking, meditating and it dawns on me, get some cloth bags and make fixed rice mojo bags like you do for locals. 

So I did and I’m absolutely addicted to making them for my online customers in the states, just not able to ship internationally from the mom and pop shipping store I use. 

So for international customers The direct casted spells are still also as always highly successful and on Artfire
But for old and new customers alike who want to try something new, consider my fixed rice mojo bags!!

Mojo Bag Shop on Etsy

Pumpkin Money Spell

My personal favorite Pumpkin Money Spell

Take one small little pumpkin, carve the top off, sprinkle in a herbal money mix or don’t, pumpkin seeds and pumpkin are both money drawing so you don’t even have to add anything , or add some clove and nutmeg to smell good if you like 🙂 then cut the top to be just a little smaller then your glass candle , and squish it on in there, I used red for love with basil mixed in it because the money I’m trying to draw to me is for Black Friday shopping for the Hubby and used that symbol of love to show money for giving in this spell working 🙂
Halloween, Fall, Special Lights Money Draw

I’m gonna burn this for days off and on, a good 3 with this candle then do over and over till seeds are dry, then will use those for more spells. But I like this one you can keep it going forever and even though I added a little basil, you really don’t have too.

You can also write your intention statement or draw sigils on the pumpkin
🙂 I like the pumpkin plain for the working I’m doing as I need my Xmas money in fall-thanksgiving time and I think the pumpkin it’s self is a better symbol of that then I could draw lol


Home Made Four Thieves Vinegar for Hoodoo and other Magickal Workings

Simple and effective here is how I make my Four Thieves Vinegar.

Mix a gallon of cider vinegar , add a handful of the following…
Then one ounce Camphor Gum
Tightly close the container and place in a pan of hot but not boiling water to heat
Heat daily for 4 days
Strain herbs from the liquid , bottle and always keep tightly closed

Please feel free to share , with proper credit to Jessas Juju -The Hoodoo Honey here at Broomsticked.Wordpress.Com


Hoodoo Road Opener Spell Casting

Hoodoo Road Opener Spell. Customized to Sweep away your personal Obstacles!

New Fall Spell Listings !

Feeling like nothing your doing is working or that something beyond your control is blocking your efforts and energy. Do you sometimes wonder if your own Sub Conscious may very well be worse then a pissed off Voodoo Doctor’s worst curse?

Then most likely you need what we call in Hoodoo a Road Opener.

Most Spells work to increase or draw in or maybe even block energy of “something”
Road Openers seek to just clear and release any blocked energy that is standing in the way of natural energy movement.
In other words think of your life, desire and path to your goal as a highway
Some spells seek to make your car big and fast and increase the speed limit to your goal
Some spells seek to close down some roads leading to your highway so you can drive more peacefully to your goal
Road Openers seek to clean and make sure nothing is blocking you from the lovely trip your on.!!

If spell work has been falling flat, your own efforts falling flat or you just have no idea even where to begin to unwind a whole hot mess of a situation a Road Opener is your best bet.

I will need a little more detail then normal as these are customized to the particular road your on basically

And please note , traditionally these are casted side by side with say a love or money spell . Please use the custom double spell listing for that
But you can cast these on their own , I do it all the time myself and find that most of the time the 2nd spell is unneeded just needed to clear the road!
If you’ve had a spell casted in the last 3-4 months Id go with just the Road Opener. If it’s a especially tricky issue or fresh goal you might wanna look at casting this Road Opener along side a second spell choice.

If it’s money, weight loss, selling your home etc something that really only involves you I need your name and birthdate and just like a brief run down on situation.
If you’ve got big love issues or love triangles going on , tell me about it with as much name and birthdate info on all involved as you have
But please, do keep it brief. Not to be a butthead but some of you just go a little novel style on love stories and end up missing the actual info I need for the spell because you be just trying to spend 3 pages telling me he’s your soulmate lol
Just the facts mam , Just the facts lol 🙂

Real Magick , Be it Hoodoo Wicca or etc all aims to do one simple thing
Increase your odds of getting what you want.

I have been casting spells for over 20 years. I also have inattentive Adult Add. I don’t do anything for 20 years unless I’ve seen enough excitement and miracles to keep my focus on doing it.
So obviously more often then not I’ve seen spell casts work big time.

But do I know exactly how much Magick increases the odds before casting …nope
Do I swear this will work for you? Ummm no
Will I refund you if it doesn’t? Will you refund me the supplies and time lost in my life performing your spell plus daycare ? Nope you won’t lol

If you use common sense and respect the free will of others I can tell you a spell will rarely fail
Most fail because the purchaser was loopy as hell mentally or trying to force another person into a zombie love slave.

Your sanity in choosing a spell to be cast ,directly affects your spells success rate way more so then anything I do ..please keep that in mind when leaving feedback lol

My general rule of thumb to judge the success of a spell is give it 100 days for peak results . It could peak sooner but over all that’s a basic time frame.

I don’t do free recasts and don’t suggest double spells. Keeping it simple just works better.

After purchase send me a etsy convo with everyone’s first names, birth year (or statement you and target are over 18)
No photos are needed..the spells I do were around long before cameras lol
So no worries !

Click Here to buy this spell or many others at my Etsy Shop!