Is there a clean house Spell ?

No I can’t say as a Real Witch I’ve found that magical nose twitch that Samantha had, growing up watching Bewitched.
But as a witch I do think that there are a few things to work in here to help make it more fun.

As a witch you know when you give away a bag of clothes or other material possessions to charity or etc. You are making room for new treasures, your also allowing more energy to flow through your home.
Clutter can kinda clog up the energy flow of your house.
Even if you can’t see into the closet you never open, energy does! 🙂
Leave it room to circulate and vent in and out.

It also gives you a chance to use fun magickal supplies.
Floor washes and Air Sprays.
Don’t forget you can use floor washes on counters and base boards and all sorts of stuff
Make your home Mojolicious! I either make my own or shop from other Witches or Lucky Mojo.
I have started a witchy selling group on Facebook I need more sellers badly, especially if you have homemade Florida Water or floor washes. Please search Mystic Market on Facebook. And join and list all you want for free.

I am a fan of Money House Blessing air spray, yes the Indian Fruit one, It smells good and seriously does lift the vibration of a room as much as smudging with Sage. Which I also do. Just gives me a faster option if I’m out of Florida Water and don’t have time to Smudge, a quick spray of Money House Blessing Spray seems to always do the trick!

Being a Virgo yes I love clean and organized, but do I always want to be the one who does it? No I actually hate cleaning, its boring, but by making it a part of Spell work it can become much more enjoyable.

Don’t forget you don’t have to have magickal supplies to turn house cleaning into Spell Work. Intention is everything. Just by using a broom you can say, I know sweep out all negative energy trapped in here.

By cleaning up a kids messy floor , I know allow more protective angels or energy to flow into this room easily

The ideas are endless. Play have fun with it!!

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