Samhain Halloween for those who didn’t get along or had abusive family.

You know when I first started practicing years ago, Samhain or as I tend to call it Halloween, wasnt my favorite ritual wise. I have 3 kids, my oldest 23 , my youngest 8. So for 23 years Its been a night of costumes and trick or treating and carving pumpkins with my kids and honestly one of my favorite holidays because its just plain fun.

But it was the whole honoring ancestors part.

There’s alot of adoptions on both sides of my family. My mom abandon me at age 4.

My father spent my whole childhood in prison.

I was raised by my Grandmother who I had issues with back then and didn’t really know any of my deceased relatives.

So it was just a confusing ritual to me. I had no idea who I was honoring.

But my family like many were full of addicts and abusers and violent, not so wonderful people , atleast the few we knew of because the lineage only went so far back because of adoptions on both sides.

So I just really ignored alot of the Samhain/ Halloween rituals.

The irony is I had no idea I would later fall so in love with ancestors I never met I would end up doing 90 percent Ancestral magic the whole year round

But I did.

It was a few years into my practice, my now adult kids were still young.

I wasnt a perfect mom but did my best to be a hell of alot better then I had known.

I had a very very strong spirit guide at the time who had helped me through hard times and as Halloween was nearing that year I asked her if it would be ok to honor her at Halloween as a ancestor.

A few hours later I was at some public outing and over heard someone say they had heard the coolest quote, you are the product of the love of a thousand ancestors

And it clicked

Ancestors are not just your mom and dad, grandparents, great grandparents, they go back much further then our minds can even imagine.

You might not even be the same race as your orginal ancestors no matter what your orgins are.

We know now that when your grandmother carried your mother inside her womb, that baby already had her own eggs that would later bare you.

Our Ancestors go all the way back, all the way back, to the pyramids, to ancient mysteries, to things we may not have even found out about yet.

You have no idea the power your ancient ancestors may of held.

So when doing those rituals on Halloween you don’t have to honor anyone recent that hurt you and if your adopted and just have no idea who to honor, just imagine your ancient ones, let them be mysterious.

I found the more I did this , the more I opened myself to it, the more that were able to help and watch over and guide me and I was led to Ancestral magic which would improve my life and those of my children in miraculous ways and also kept alot of dysfunctional cycles from repeating.

I hope to be a active ancestor for my children as there’s very little resentments and were very close. But of course I hope that’s still 50 years or so away lol

Till then I know the love of thousands watch over us, and help us when needed.

I may not know exact names but I feel them and I feel loved, loved by so so many.

I have felt a few fiesty ones too , lol but very protective and will stand you back up after a fall pretty quick.

So don’t shut out this wonderful part of the practice in fear that every single one of your ancestors were bad

We all have a few bad apples but we have a 1000 good ones too

Take a bite 🙂

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