DIY Hoodoo Honey’s Spicey Honey Love Jar, Love Spell. FREE

Shopping list, Organic if possible

Real Vanilla

Real Sugar, white or brown

Real Honey 


Ginger Powder or small root 

Cinnamon powder or small sticks 

Real Maple Syrup 

A yellow or orange bell pepper 

Rose Water or Fresh or dried Rose Petals

Basil, fresh or dried

Jasmine oil or Jasmine tea leaves 

A cup of coffee

 red or white taper candles or chubby short candles 

Small jar with lid

Small piece of parchment paper 
I’m going to leave out setting up your spot to do this,  and calling in the directions, or whatever you do personally,  and cleansing the area,  etc because I want everyone to do what they would normally do . And if this is your first spell ever,  you probably don’t want to start with a strong love and passion spell.  So just to be a ass like that,  I’m gonna leave out this chunk on purpose lol

But for those who do know what they are doing, do it your regular way.

First inscribe your candle, if white don’t forget to write the word Red and add extra love symbols, yes hearts are indeed fine to use.

Inscribe your name and birthdate then inscribe their name over yours and birthdate if known. 

Draw hearts, and add words like Lust love fun commitment sex whatever you see yourself doing with this person, you can go into more detail in a moment on your parchment paper 

Now take a small square of your paper and do the same thing you just did on the candle only describe a date with this person, or your wedding, or the sex, etc

Now soak both the paper and the candle in coffee 

Let dry
While those are drying 

Take all your ingredients and this is where you get to customize if your a person who has a high sex drive and needs alot of sex in your relationship your gonna use more Spicey then sweet

If you are aiming for super sweet Gaga love your gonna use more sweetness

If you want a equal mix your gonna try to keep it equal

So before you start to add in your ingredients above look at the size of your jar and mentally make your fraction of how sweet vs Spicey you want. 

Becareful of doing straight 100 percent spice, seen alot of heartache come from this,  you may think you can handle a loveless good time, but if your actually doing all this work just for a one time heartless romp , you either have way too much time on your hands or your lying to yourself lol

OK now that you have visualized your fractions and jar size 

For sweet love

Sugar honey maple syrup vanilla nutmeg rose petals or water basil 

For Spicey Lust 

Ginger cinnamon orange or yellow bell peppers and alot or Jasmine tea leaves or Jasmine oil. Or if your somehow lucky enough to have some,  fresh jasmine will do the trick too.

So now get your inner chemist on and combine the ingredients from the Spicey and sweet sides to make your perfect potion here. 

Then put your paper in the jar and start filling it up 

Once filed put the lid on as tight as possible.

Now heat the bottom of your candle till it starts to melt then stick it to the lid

Make sure it’s on there good,  I take no responsibility in any way for you burning something if your candle falls off your lid, do not leave this unsupervised or around animals or children.

Now your gonna let the candle just burn all the way down and let the dripping wax create a  seal over the jar, yes it can take hours, yes and some do not agree with this,  but in my opinion yes you can blow it out, rub your hands in the smoke and take a break and come back and re light candle as needed. 

Now once your done,  close your area however you normally do, depending on your practice, I’ve tried to write this for Pagans, Wiccans, Hoodoo ppl etc which all have their own ways so use this to your own way of doing things whatever that is.

Then me myself,  because I do about 3 to 4 honey jars a week, I have to go bury them out in the field, I’ve been doing these for 20 years I would need like 3 houses just to keep jars even though I use the smallest jars I can find lol

But since your only doing your own you have a few options here,  first and my favorite for extra bam results is sticking it in the back of your freezer, just leave it there,  for years or until over the relationship,  or until you’ve been together for a year and you know your bond has naturally grown tight and your past needing spell work. The other option is back of a closet etc, shouldn’t attract bugs if sealed super tight. The other option is to bury it on your property or close by , or in a house plant in a large container.

And there you go! Have fun and enjoy!