2 tools to use with spell casting for better results. Hypnosis and Sound.

So after the plantary crap fest of July 2019. I figured August would come around and my own personal spell work would really kick in etc. As it was going good in June.

Well alot changed in my life Im now taking care of my 7 month old teething grand niece full time. I love her shes a cutie but I think she sucked out alot of vibrations out of me lol Just Kidding but it does get stressful and I am energy drained.

When Sayda my youngest was a baby my personal spell work went down hill too.

You gotta remember spell work amps up. If your sleep deprived, drained, stressed, anxiety ridden your not gonna have that much to work with. Self care has to come first.

Your diet doesn’t need to be perfect. You can stay up and binge netflix now and then but when its daily and your adjusting to something new and stressing most of the time your spell work results wont be as strong. Just how it works.

So what can you do. Go back to basics.

I would start on you tube, spotify, whatever and do free isochronic sound therapy. Or binural if you have good headphones.

Im a fan of alpha waves, they dont knock me out like delta waves, and for some reason theta waves can hurt my head and make me slightly nauseated.

Beta waves maybe helpful in the am. But people who wake up stressed and anxious wanna be careful with them. They can raise mood though.

But its the alpha waves I find best for breaking down stress walls and anxiety without becoming too sleepy just relaxed.

Get enough rest. You need energy, not coffee jitters for spell work to really do its thing.

Hypnosis. The self hypnosis apps are fine, some way better then others, find one you like. Even if it just to sleep deeper. Or a nice anti anxiety anti stress one and start using it.

Then before busting back into money or love spells

Use your inner sunshines, your confidence, road openers, luck, maybe some free chakra reiki balancing music back on you tube.

Then from there go on to your weight loss or money spell and I can bet you your results will be way more intense.

It sounds like alot of work but its really not.

Im about to go in and put on some alpha waves myself . Ive gotta kinda start from square one too.

So we can do this together!

Dont focus too much on raising your vibration or having a perfect vibration or perfect life. Your gonna have nights you can’t sleep, days you skip lunch or eat junk, that’s fine. Just take it one day at a time and try to just move a step up from yesterday. Add in the tools above for a couple of weeks and you will see what I mean you will notice your calmer with more energy and then your ready to really get the most from your spell work.

July 2019 what a month magick and astrology.

Ill be honest Im not a astrology expert, but I think we can all agree whatever all is going on has landed us all in some some funky moods. I’ve noticed in my own personal life and from stories from my customers alot of arguments with some of our most loved people. Spouses, adult children, best friends etc.

I admit Ive have smudged more times a day this month then maybe ever and still lost my temper a few times.

I think knowing were not alone helps. So Im here to tell you. You have definitely not been alone this month if you have lost your shit a few times 🙂

But the good news is times like this as annoying as they are, are also powerful for manifesting if you can pull yourself together long enough and rise above.

Easier said then done I know.

But its true its in the eye of the storms that certian energies exist. This is a good time to practice the most important parts of magick. Focus and emotional control and detachment from automatic reactions.

I admit been practicing witchcraft for 20 plus years, guess what I still messed up a few times this month.

We are going to be practicing all of our lives, were never going to be perfect but times like these give us a really good chance to build our skills.

Im laughing because my grand niece who is only 7 months old is being cranky as heck today. Think she’s even feeling it.

But that’s the motivation we grow and practice so we can help others as they grow and practice.

So this next week or so see if you can atleast a few times catch yourself when being triggered or slipping into automatic old reactions and try a new reaction.

Im not saying don’t feel your feelings. Im not a ignore your feelings and only be postive person. But see if you can learn to work with anger sadness loneliness. Identify the core .

See if you can expand your reactions and understanding of them.

Practice clarity and truth spells. This is a great way to figure out what your core issue is so you can begin to release it. Releasing blocks will help your magick practices immensely.

And its not easy work you may find the need for therapy at this time. That’s ok, I am still in therapy myself.

And if you need a inner sunshine or relaxing lotus spell or a road opener or truth or clarity I am here to cast those for you.

With Love and a bit of exhaustion from the emotional roller coaster this month has been myself 🙂


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Law of Attraction Vision Boards , How to use Magick for better manifestation results !

I will be making a video of this later this week , just in time for New Year’s Vision Board making. 

One of the best things about making a vision board is its easy cheap and fun. I’ve actually seen life coaches charge like 30.00 a person for Vision Board making workshops, for some reason that annoys me to no end. If the hairstylists on Jerseylious can do it, trust me,  you can. 

But for free ,  no workshop charge even,  I’m gonna teach you to make not just a vision board, but a witches vision board. Yours will rock my loves and it’s not even that much harder, you will need a few extra supplies and a little extra time, but the extra umph to your manifestations will be amazing! 

1. Buy a poster board ,  how big is up to you,  you could get like a big school project size or a smaller one. You will be hanging this up somewhere, in your bathroom, your closet, your work cubicle ,  your kitchen, where ever. 

If possible do try placing it near your altar if a witch, or facing a sunny window that also let’s moons shine through. Or near  houseplants .

Now that you have your base paper and figured out where to hang it ,  your next step is to A. put the paper in direct sunlight through a window or outside (a small amount of rain or snow is fine just will need to dry and not soaking . 

Or B. Leave it near a window, balcony or outdoors, under a New Moon or Full Moon depending on which is nearest your time frame and needs.

You can do both A and B but really one or the other is just fine ,  if your vision board is more material, physical and financial you may prefer sun energy, if more about moods ,emotions, and deep love , the moons energy might be best choice.

Now your paper is charged , if you can not do either of these steps, here is a alternative, also if you did the above steps you can also do this for a extra charge.

Take your phone put it on a good speaker . go to You Tube and look up Isochronic Binaural Beats. They must be Isochronic when not using headphones ,  Look for one for helping manifestations or one designed with happiness, joy, etc and play music near board for as long as you can,  you can leave it and go on with your day, try to get atleast a 30 min total charge going though. 

Now to get really witchy lol

Get you a spray bottle

Your gonna need Basil leaves ( grocery store spice rack is fine )

Rosemary, Cloves , Cinnamon ,  Sugar, just plain old white sugar,

A little coffee already made, just a little,  

And Vodka and just a little orange or pineapple juice or a combo

And jasmine oil if possible 

Put your basil in, really use alot! Basil is just a magical mojo!

Now just pinch on in , no particular amount  the Rosemary, Cloves , Cinnamon, Sugar, 

Now pour in just a swig of coffee ( pre made liquid) Instant is fine

Your jasmine oil if you have some

And then a good splash of orange or pineapple 

Now fill rest of bottle with vodka 

Shake the hell out of it and let sit if possible near a window for 24 hrs

Now after that’s set your gonna spray that paper like crazy,  get it pretty damp, while spraying you can chant or say, As long as it harms none so Mote it be,  over and over again or just at the end with passion

Now let it dry, while its drying if you want you can play it either more Isochronic Binaural Beats or Reiki Music (also on You Tube or Spotify)

After its dry the last thing your gonna do is make a few symbols on it, hand drawn,   This is where you can hit Google and find something personal . 

Ideas Google Witches Rune Symbols or Regular Rune Symbols ,find symbols that represent your intentions and draw them on there . You can Google Sigils for your particular intentions. As long as you hand draw them on there,  that’s all that matters! You can do just one or as many as you like.  

Now on your board I want you to write As it harms none, So Mote it Be.

You can later paste a picture over that just make sure it’s on there 🙂

Now you are ready to proceed to the regular vision board making process.

Which basically is cutting out pictures and phrases and words from magazines which build a vision of what you want to manifest in your life.  I do mine yearly in January . But you can start whenever.  Birthday Vision Boards  are always fun,Doing a mutual newlywed one together is fun too.

There is hundreds of examples of regular law of attraction vision boards online for free, just Google if unfamiliar with that part.

Take your time making it, it takes me a shit load of magazines myself lol

Most libraries have free magazines, look for one’s that represent what your intentions are ,  business , money,  travel, yoga, Cosmopolitan , gardening, better Homes and Gardens, also catalogs with things you like are great starts! 

Have fun everyone and may your year be magical! 

I’m posting my 2016 one,  about 85/90 percent manifested in one way or another. 

Free Ancestorial Magick Ritual Spell This Halloween Samhain 

​Samhain / Halloween announcement.
I still take my girls trick or treating, then need to spend some serious time with relatives that just passed away myself,  then will be doing paid spellwork.  After that I’d like to offer one free petition, or message, very short please to your ancestors for assistance , or even just a quick hello I miss you for any recently departed.

Please keep them short, just basic requests for assistance from your ancestors on money,  health, family quarrels,  quiting smoking, love, basic safe travels, basic protection etc.
The rules you must go to http://www.facebook.com/Jessasjuju And like the page if you haven’t. If you do not use Facebook, I will accept new followers on my blog http://www.Broomsticked.com

My Twitter feed Hoodoohoney 

OR Jessica Svensson on Google +
And then you need to be active,  like things,  share things,  +1 things,  re-tweet things,  etc

I’m doing this for free, share it with others and help me , help more people! 

Then you can message me your message or request,  please have them to me no later then the 30th.
The person who I see participating, liking,  sharing the most will be announced a few days early and get a free extra request or message sent. 
Got my altar all ready let’s go! 

Is there a clean house Spell ?

No I can’t say as a Real Witch I’ve found that magical nose twitch that Samantha had, growing up watching Bewitched.
But as a witch I do think that there are a few things to work in here to help make it more fun.

As a witch you know when you give away a bag of clothes or other material possessions to charity or etc. You are making room for new treasures, your also allowing more energy to flow through your home.
Clutter can kinda clog up the energy flow of your house.
Even if you can’t see into the closet you never open, energy does! 🙂
Leave it room to circulate and vent in and out.

It also gives you a chance to use fun magickal supplies.
Floor washes and Air Sprays.
Don’t forget you can use floor washes on counters and base boards and all sorts of stuff
Make your home Mojolicious! I either make my own or shop from other Witches or Lucky Mojo.
I have started a witchy selling group on Facebook I need more sellers badly, especially if you have homemade Florida Water or floor washes. Please search Mystic Market on Facebook. And join and list all you want for free.

I am a fan of Money House Blessing air spray, yes the Indian Fruit one, It smells good and seriously does lift the vibration of a room as much as smudging with Sage. Which I also do. Just gives me a faster option if I’m out of Florida Water and don’t have time to Smudge, a quick spray of Money House Blessing Spray seems to always do the trick!

Being a Virgo yes I love clean and organized, but do I always want to be the one who does it? No I actually hate cleaning, its boring, but by making it a part of Spell work it can become much more enjoyable.

Don’t forget you don’t have to have magickal supplies to turn house cleaning into Spell Work. Intention is everything. Just by using a broom you can say, I know sweep out all negative energy trapped in here.

By cleaning up a kids messy floor , I know allow more protective angels or energy to flow into this room easily

The ideas are endless. Play have fun with it!!

Jessa The Hoodoo Honey of The Real Witches and Broomsticked
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New Oshuns blend of fixed rice Mojo Bags, Magical Bags


Curled up on my couch, watching the Cubs vs Cards game, stuffing and sewing mojo bags with fixed rice for Etsy, eBay and Artfire shops. It’s the
one thing I can sell on all three and this batch is my Oshuns blend for love and money drawing and magick.
OMG it smells so good. This is my favorite blend.
I could make these forever.

I don’t have them listed yet, getting them stuffed and sewn while game is on. Then will photograph and get them listed .

The oils I use are different in this fixed rice , it’s a mix I get locally, these will run 19.99 with free shipping in the US as compared to my 14.99 range ones.

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