Can you MAKE someone love you with a love spell.

I get asked alot can you MAKE them love me, come back to me, want to marry me etc.

I ask that customers not use the word MAKE, first off its a big sign your not taking my work seriously, and haven’t even been to my shop and read my listings.

The first thing in my listings is we can’t not use spell work to fully control anything but to influence everything.

Influencing or amping up your own confidence, luck, money and even your targets current attraction or feelings for you that already exist… yes we can do that.

Can we make another person do anything or feel something they just don’t, or want something they do not want even the slightest. No.

There has to be a seed to water and grow something. Spell casting is the same way, there has to be a seed to work on.

So please when speaking about spell casting let’s not use the word make.

Let’s say can you amp up my targets current attraction to me. His / Her feelings. My bank account, good luck, etc.

That way I know you get it and were on the same page and you take me seriously and I will take you seriously.

Thank you.

If you are ready to influence or amp up a part of your life I am here for you!

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