What To Expect From An Mercury Retrograde On Christmas And New Years. 

Most of the country is already going nuts from freezing temperatures of winter,  and the usual Christmas money stress and children about to be home from school for 2 weeks and playing outside may not be a option. This year gets a extra dose of Holiday nutso with a big fat Mercury Retrograde landing on it !

Travel delays will be worse then expected,  return lines at stores longer then normal due to electronic glitches. Setting up the Christmas morning electronic toys and gadgets may require a emergency prescription of Xanax. 

Those who lost relatives maybe hit the hardest with past memories,  try to honor those and if adding a little Samhain ritual to this Christmas is something that calls to you,  do it. 

Exs may suddenly show up out of the blue, driven by Holiday loneliness,  or seasonal depression.

The key to through this all is honoring your experience of it. We other it’s being extra patient to the cashier whose register has totally spazed on her, while the single mom behind you in lines 3 kids have her holding back tears, this is the time to smile and wish them light and love. And be as graceful and patient as possible. This is how you pass the lessons of a Retrograde. With slowness, grace, gratitude and kindness even when all hell is breaking out. 

It’s buying a coffee for the elderly person stuck next to you waiting on a delayed airplane even though Christmas attacked your wallet. 

It’s accepting that you will be mourning your recently deceased Father and Grandmother while the kids are home from school and their friends have descended on your home as always and you can’t really stop and break down,  but you can still honor those loved ones, teach the kids to make bread for the dead, or sweet bread. Teach yourself to make mead and leave a little out for Grandpa 😉  And never be afraid to call on your ancestors for strength. A quick prayer or shout out in the bathroom is all it takes. Ask for help. 

And if you do New Year’s Vision Boards or Resolutions, Ritual or Non Ritual.

If you can’t really focus on the future and your dreams,  it’s ok. That’s really hard to do in a Retrograde.  It’s ok to procrastinate just a bit this year to mid January,  it’s better to wait then push it during the Retrograde. 

What you can be doing is a reverse vision board, write down all the things you’d like to get rid of and burn that paper safely! 

Also great time to clean out homes and hit charities, often times pre Christmas we’ve been extra charitable, then in January it’s like boom,  stops. This year clean out things your no longer using and start the New Year off giving it away 

Take it easy, Take it slow, and you can still have a magical,  wonderful, Holiday Season  even with a Mercury Retrograde! 

Mercury Retrograde plus Beltane and the thinning of the veil between worlds.

I noticed a few nights ago I started having dreams in which my dead Grandmother who raised me was coming to me with little messages about things. I was so busy with a Earth Day Festival my Belly Dance students and I were dancing at that I basically forgot it was a week till Beltane. No wonder when I have quieted my mind, the very few times I had, it seemed like my guides were closer, louder,quicker. Same for my ancestors. Finally it dawned on me, omg it’s almost May 1st. Derrrrr lol

All that thinning of the veil between the worlds ..what a beautiful time. Advice is closer and louder, things for me are manifesting way fast. 

If your new and maybe not even fully Wiccan like me, here are some ideas to really let your guides and ancestors help you out. 

Smells, they love smells from the past and what a better time then during a Mercury Retrograde to investigate any ancestors you have. Did they have a favorite flower? Food dish? Cookie? Music? 

What did your house smell like and sound like as a child?

Recreate the past…The Mercury Retrograde is famous for bringing it back , use it to your advantage, laugh with your spirit guides over all the dumb shit you’ve done and the psychos you once swore you loved. This is a great time to heal and forgive. 

It can also point out cycles and history starting to repeat itself in work or love or even health, your guides and ancestors are right here to help you break through some of this, use it! 

Your electronics are gonna be equally goofy with a thin veil plus retrograde , might as well stay off when not working and dig up some old friends still alive and spend some private time with those beyond .

Enjoy the blend of a Beltane in a Mercury Retrograde . It’s a great time to manifest what you really need that maybe you’ve never had before. Confidence, Etc. 

And most of all know that you are the creation of the love of thousands that created those who created you. Let that really sink in and then walk in honor of it as this time passes. 

Blessings to all 

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Fall Equinox Mabon in Ritual and how to work in that Mercury Retrograde.

Aww, sweet sweet Mabon that brings in my favorite season of Autumn.

There are many great simple solitary ritual ideas for Mabon, that usually involve reflections and giving Thanks for all that you have brought to harvest in this past year.
The added bonus of Mabon in a time of Mercury Retrograde is, Mercury Retrogrades are all about looking back and seeing the past with new clarity.

The combination of the two gives us chances to see more clearly and honestly the true blessings that have manifested over the year. Things that seemed like endings that became brighter beginnings, and any reoccurring situations that you handle in new more authentic ways should be given much attention and gratitude over.

Mercury Retrogrades help us to see more clearly where we harvested even when we may of been in more grey or shadow selves.
And the gratitude we express during Mabon, can help us with brighter, more authentic harvests for many years ahead.

Simple Mabon in the Mercury Retrograde Ritual.

Take some time and clearly go over the past year, the ups, downs,
Find things to be grateful for, it may seem hard but they are there.
These are your harvests
Carve words or symbols of thanks for your personal harvests into tea lights or small candles of your choice.
While burning the candles give thanks to your chosen higher powers.
And feel your connection to all the world around you.

Samhain is the final harvest and gratitude based Sabbath of the year, from Mabon to Samhain do your authentic best to keep gratitude alive during this time.
The time in between these two Sabbaths is a very special magical time, try to walk it in Grace and Gratitude.
Make memories to look back on next year during Retrogrades that are full of good feelings and you’ll be surprised how magical this time was for you!

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