Simple DIY Free Money Spell Mojo Bags, Great Yule Holiday Gifts

This is not how I make my own, mine use a lot more supplies, but these recipes were handed down to me from my Father in law, a life long Wiccan that knows his stuff.
Great for beginners to give a whirl and great too hand out for last minute holiday gifts.
Very few non Witches will say no to a Money Spell Mojo Bag 🙂

Gather some Dried Jasmine , Mint, Cedar and Patchouli. Basil can be used in place of the Jasmine.
Stuff in a small bag, sew or tie it up real good.
The best time to prepare these is the new moon but honestly any Moon will do the trick as long as your focused and putting your energy into them!

Now if it was me a variation using fixed rice or beans would be
Jasmine oil, dried Mint, dried basil, cedar chips and Patchouli oil, mix with uncooked rice or beans and make a larger Mojo Bag.

I like big bags, I can not lie lol

Have fun with this and get witchy with it!!

If you would prefer to buy one of mine, I sell them on eBay, user name Broomsticked
And of course at my regular shop

Broomsticked on Artfire


Spellcasters, Reiki Healers and others who Etsy kicked out, found Zibbet 

So today I stumbled on to a handmade and vintage site very similar to the old Etsy and a bit easier to use then Artfire. It has a category for magic spells so assuming one could safely list spell casting services there. I’m trying it out for my handmade mojo bags for now. 

Just a heads up for those still seeking places to do what they love and help people! 
Miss Mojo on Zibbet
My Zibbet shop, come peek, will be adding a few mojo spell bags daily! 


Etsy suspended my Mojo Bag and Readings shop

Welp I had started a second Etsy shop, just Mojo Spell bags and Psychic Readings. And just got notice I’m suspended once again.

You know what’s sad is those mojo bags are the best out there, I know I collect Mojo Bags, mine rock lol
And they are bigger, sigils hand painted, hand sewn, they are awesome. And totally hand made and unique.

Etsy is just ridiculous on this witch hunt.
Only psychic readings , no metaphysical claims even on tangible products. Yet why are Psychic Readings so supported, its all energy work???

Just ridiculous.

Here’s some screen shots of my last feedbacks 😦

Still on Artfire where Art and the craft are respected.

My shop on Artfire

On a mission to start a mojo bag collection. Looking for trades. 

So in my older age I’ve over the years collected tarot cards, feel like I have a strong collection of those going but now want to start a mojo bag collection! I make my own of course, and then do rock! But I’d like to collect one from just about every mojo bag maker out there. I just bought one I was attracted to on Etsy, have a few from a Voodoo Doctor I’m friends with. 

But my dream is like collecting hundreds, and display them, a bit of a mojo bag mini museum lol

So if you make mojo bags and would like to trade yours for one of mine please please get ahold of me!! 

Jessasjuju live com
And don’t forget the contest to win a money drawing mojo bag from me ends on Halloween! Jessas Juju on Facebook

New Oshuns blend of fixed rice Mojo Bags, Magical Bags


Curled up on my couch, watching the Cubs vs Cards game, stuffing and sewing mojo bags with fixed rice for Etsy, eBay and Artfire shops. It’s the
one thing I can sell on all three and this batch is my Oshuns blend for love and money drawing and magick.
OMG it smells so good. This is my favorite blend.
I could make these forever.

I don’t have them listed yet, getting them stuffed and sewn while game is on. Then will photograph and get them listed .

The oils I use are different in this fixed rice , it’s a mix I get locally, these will run 19.99 with free shipping in the US as compared to my 14.99 range ones.

Hoodoo Honey on Etsy
Broomsticked on Artfire.

I’m addicted to making fixed rice mojo bags. 


So I’ve always been known locally for being able to make highly successful fixed rice for all sorts of situations. It never sold well online, think people are less familar with it. But it’s always been a true favorite of my locals. 

They say sometimes what seems like a curse is really a blessing. When Etsy banned me yet again for spell casting services. I got determined to offer a tangible product so I could continue a new shop on Etsy. 

I was doing my cards, thinking, meditating and it dawns on me, get some cloth bags and make fixed rice mojo bags like you do for locals. 

So I did and I’m absolutely addicted to making them for my online customers in the states, just not able to ship internationally from the mom and pop shipping store I use. 

So for international customers The direct casted spells are still also as always highly successful and on Artfire
But for old and new customers alike who want to try something new, consider my fixed rice mojo bags!!

Mojo Bag Shop on Etsy