What To Expect From An Mercury Retrograde On Christmas And New Years. 

Most of the country is already going nuts from freezing temperatures of winter,  and the usual Christmas money stress and children about to be home from school for 2 weeks and playing outside may not be a option. This year gets a extra dose of Holiday nutso with a big fat Mercury Retrograde landing on it !

Travel delays will be worse then expected,  return lines at stores longer then normal due to electronic glitches. Setting up the Christmas morning electronic toys and gadgets may require a emergency prescription of Xanax. 

Those who lost relatives maybe hit the hardest with past memories,  try to honor those and if adding a little Samhain ritual to this Christmas is something that calls to you,  do it. 

Exs may suddenly show up out of the blue, driven by Holiday loneliness,  or seasonal depression.

The key to through this all is honoring your experience of it. We other it’s being extra patient to the cashier whose register has totally spazed on her, while the single mom behind you in lines 3 kids have her holding back tears, this is the time to smile and wish them light and love. And be as graceful and patient as possible. This is how you pass the lessons of a Retrograde. With slowness, grace, gratitude and kindness even when all hell is breaking out. 

It’s buying a coffee for the elderly person stuck next to you waiting on a delayed airplane even though Christmas attacked your wallet. 

It’s accepting that you will be mourning your recently deceased Father and Grandmother while the kids are home from school and their friends have descended on your home as always and you can’t really stop and break down,  but you can still honor those loved ones, teach the kids to make bread for the dead, or sweet bread. Teach yourself to make mead and leave a little out for Grandpa 😉  And never be afraid to call on your ancestors for strength. A quick prayer or shout out in the bathroom is all it takes. Ask for help. 

And if you do New Year’s Vision Boards or Resolutions, Ritual or Non Ritual.

If you can’t really focus on the future and your dreams,  it’s ok. That’s really hard to do in a Retrograde.  It’s ok to procrastinate just a bit this year to mid January,  it’s better to wait then push it during the Retrograde. 

What you can be doing is a reverse vision board, write down all the things you’d like to get rid of and burn that paper safely! 

Also great time to clean out homes and hit charities, often times pre Christmas we’ve been extra charitable, then in January it’s like boom,  stops. This year clean out things your no longer using and start the New Year off giving it away 

Take it easy, Take it slow, and you can still have a magical,  wonderful, Holiday Season  even with a Mercury Retrograde! 

Knowing you have the power to manifest, but not knowing what you want.

So I remember back when I was first involved in a local  manifestation support group. Not just Witches, but it was formed after the movie The Secret hit, and all types of people were starting to understand the law of attraction. Which we Witches knew about for years, just used different words and ways for.
Anyways so I was younger when I was in this group and had goals and desires just pouring out of me left and right. But others sometimes seemed to struggle with not knowing what they really wanted. I remember not really understanding how one couldn’t want something . How do people stop having dreams.
As age started catching up with me and having a third child and life and health taking some strange turns, before I knew it I was now the older woman of the group going, omg I don’t know what I want except a nap and maybe new glasses or some new orthopedic shoes lol
I went from creating with Erin back then a Television crew knocking on our door to make a show about us as Witches to barely being able to hold on to my job as a professional witch and having people find me at all.
One thing I have noticed and may help others who due to age or life distractions just wearing you down is first of all, its OK to not care about being famous and gorgeous anymore, I think those two things were the heart of my first years of manifestation, and we did pretty much get there maybe not super famous, but we were well known enough to be stalked !
And I look back at some of the old eBay photos of me and Not to sound egotistical but I was more gorgoues then I knew when I was in full shine connected mode.
But my understanding of beauty has changed over the past ten years and Its just not something that makes my top ten anymore.
Neither is being famous.
The things I crave as a older woman are harder to label, harder to make a actual goal of and most of it I do already have, so hanging on and protection of what I have has become important and I think this is subconsciously what may block some people, change happens, and when we shift to enjoying what we have so much that our desires become protective, we start resisting change. And if your in the mindset of resisting change , it gets a bit tricky to focus on wants, desires and goals , doesn’t it?
The way out I think, is instead of protective resistance is simply gratitude.
We all have heard it so much, but its true. Gratitude is amazing.
When we are grateful instead of clingy protective, its such a different vibe.
Gratitude has a way of bringing back connection to ourselves.
So I say to those facing new years resolutions or trying to make desire lists or vision boards and just not getting far.
Don’t force it.
Make a gratitude list, or board or celebrate the good things of last year, before even trying to co create next year.
And spend some time in the present moment, its really ok to just be where you are , enjoying things.
Your power to manifest is infinite, your not gonna run out of wishes, your not gonna shrivel up because you didn’t make a new years resolution . You still lived and had good times before you knew about the law of attraction or witchcraft etc. You’ve used them consciously now to really make changes etc.
But never be afraid to just run on gratitude and present moment enjoyment.
If you run on auto pilot for awhile as long as gratitude is the energy behind it, you will be fine.
It’s when fear, resistance and anxiety fuel the auto pilot that it gets messy lol
And if that’s where you are it can be hard to switch out of. Gratitude can be that simpler little step. If change is too scarey or confusing to focus on. Simply focus on what is good in your life right now.
It will put you back into sync and flow even if your not sure what you want to create. You’ll be right where you need to be when you eventually do figure it out 🙂

And if nothing else , my personal fall back , is to always wish for joy and well being.
It’s general and if the word joy is too intense to connect too, I’m really a fan of well being. It’s from Esther Hicks Abraham of course . But such a soft soothing safe word.
I dream of my highest well being, comfort, ease, enjoyment, pleasure. And you may not have a image of exactly what any of that looks like, but the words bring about feelings you really just can’t go wrong with!
How’s that for a resolution 🙂

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2015 has been a rough year, even for a witch ! 

As we enter into Yule here and head into 2016 I have to be honest in my reflection back on this year. It has not been my personal best. My spell work clients are reporting back with success from the spell castings I’ve done for them but I admit my own work for myself, when I have actually gotten around to it has fallen a bit shorter then normal and some of that is my own mindset and lack of self care. 

Life is about helping others, it is what we’re here to focus on, it is all about love and helping those in our worlds but you have to also self care especially if your stubborn about asking or allowing others to help you. I got myself into situations by being slacky in self care where I have really had to rely on help from friends the past month and a half. 

This is a bit of a strange pattern of mine anyways , I’m all super witch till right passed Samhain/Halloween then it’s like I try and hibernate on self care lol And by Yule I’m climbing out of some self created mess every dam year ! 

Being a witch and being aware of the power inside doesn’t mean your ever going to be perfect at it, I’m a Virgo , trust me I try ! LoL

But we are gonna slack, have pity parties, space off self care, forget we know better, forget to use our powers, try to hibernate when it’s cold and dark then realize we just don’t have a life that allows that. 

Luckily being witches we can pull ourselves out of it pretty fast. 

Do your road openers, your energy amps, your inner sunshine spells . 

Sometimes our self sabatoge is just our higher self reminding us that we are Indeed a witch and we can indeed pull it together ! 

I remember back when I was very young and hanging out in various covens wondering why if these people were such powerful witches why some were so poor, some obese, some desperately single and alone, yet when they would help me with a spell or show me something I saw it work time and time again. Being older I get it now, being powerful doesn’t mean your not still human, not still distracted, not still prone to self sabatoge.

And when we go to help others we sometimes do it with a love for others we don’t always have for ourselves. 
So my suggestion for all witchy poos and everyone really is if you really want to magically create a awesome 2016 for yourself and others … Start back at the basics, love helping yourself as much as you do others or as close to that concept as you can get. 

Good luck! 

Jessa The Hoodoo Honey