Spell Casters and Psychics Scam Alert buyer Onika Davis

Got my 1st scam buyer of 2020 I’m down to about 1 a year and this one came early.

Psychic and Spell Casters please be on the look out for Onika Davis

Paypal email as of Feb.2020



Watch out for a customer named Onika Davis paypal email
Shes a scam client..run

Omg so it got worse she stared telling lies about me even to the police. Bold faced lied to the police! Lied to Artfire.

Threatened my child.

Then she plays dumb and innocent.

Oh she’s good, she’s a long time scammer.

I have all her email addresses and fake names if any professional spell casters or psychic readers need them. Please get ahold of me. Do not let her bully you into a refund. I have proof to help you win any paypal chargebacks.

Just get ahold of me!