Carson City Nevada Summer Solstice Open Ritual June 24th 2018 Davis Creek

Summer Solstice Celebration.

Hosted by The Carson City Pagan Group.

11am to 5pm Sunday June 24th 2018
Davis Creek Park.

Open Ritual
Open to all paths.
Kid friendly.
Ritual Wear , no sky clad, but Robes etc fine, or causal dress also fine.
Please bring atleast 1 canned or packaged food item or hygenie item to be donated to a local charity.
Also a pot luck dish to share and your own drinks.

We will be doing a full ritual, we suggest bringing with you one ritual sized candle with a intention you would like to manifest before winter carved into it, words or symbols of your choice.

And if you would like to write a letter to a loved one on the other side to be burned. Please bring it with you.

Newbies are welcomed as stories will be told and the ritual explained.

After ritual we will eat, and perform a spiral dance, and maybe see if we can get a drum circle going.
I will have my henna cones with me if you would like a small simple henna design 🙂

We really hope to see a good turn out for this, very mellow crowd, no drama, like I said it’s fine if your new or eclectic and normally more solitary, and just feel like being around people for this event and in such a beautiful location!
We would love to have you.!

No one is selling anything or pushing you into joining any groups.

This is just a simple let’s get together and have a beautiful day ritual.

Please bring drum if you have one, drum circle may depend on how many of us do and we kinda need a leader !

If you read tarot cards or runes and would like to exchange readings with another reader please everyone bring your cards or runes etc.

Those first learning, bring them, maybe someone will help you a bit! Don’t be shy!

We are also looking for anyone with a large fire safe cauldron or makeshift one for the letter burning.

Please do RSVP if possible so we get a idea of how large of a group to expect.

Let’s have a beautiful day together, in peace, in hope, in nature, in circle, in celebration.

To Charge For Spell Castings or Not To Charge. Pagan, Wicca, Conterversy. 

​I had a fun little discussion with a stranger today that has inspired me to take a minute to discuss a old heated topic in the Wiccan and Pagan and Hoodoo and all sorts of Spiritual Services Industry I guess we will call it.

 Most people have no issue paying a local Tarot Reader to read, A local Wiccan to teach a workshop at a shop, But God help you as a spell caster if you charge ! LOL I worked for free when I first started, I about went broke keeping up with demand. Supplies ain’t that cheap peeps lol

And when you start doing it online you can end up spending hours a day explaining the difference of control and influence and Self Will, and I do mean hours, so we’re supposed to put in all that time and effort on both teaching and performing Spell Work for Free? Really? Seriously? 

I also teach Tribal Belly Dance or have, was I supposed to do that for free? 

Is my Voodoo Doctor I use occasionally supposed to not charge me for his time and supplies and why is it acceptable in Voodoo and Hoodoo over all for workers to charge but not in Wicca? There’s even a slight almost sexism here,  There are more males selling Voodoo services, and more females in Wicca , yet it’s more accepted when males sell spell casting services? 

That’s some slightly shadey shit right there lol A game I will not play. 

If you are providing a service, be it teaching yoga , dancing, performing rituals, reading cards, life coaching, reiki healing, hot footing lol I dont care what your doing but if your *doing* that is a verb, and it’s OK to accept a fee for your *doing*

It does not in any way mean your a scam artist. 

Your charging a fee for you doing a service. 

That is it.

This myth and common misconception of Witches who charge for services are Con Artists has gotten to be broken .

Stand up and defend your rights !

The Light and Fire of Imbolc

So here we are, some Pagans celebrate it the 1st night of Feburary,  others like me the 2nd. Why? I honestly don’t even know,  I was taught the 2nd so out of years of habit that’s how I roll.

As most know I’m a Electic type anyways,  and there is a zillion websites on the sabbath itself,  so let’s just get to the nitty gritty. We are welcoming back the times of light and starting to plant baby seeds. We will also do similar  at Ostara the Spring equinox in March so I like to consider this the picking out what seeds we wanna plant holiday.

Almost like making a vision board again , which should of been done back at new years,  but if you flaked, Imbolc is a great time to catch up!

We’re gonna look at the major areas of our lives.  How is your love life,  your health, your finances and career, your social life,  your inner relationship with yourself? 

What do YOU wanna do this year.  You do NOT have to know how to get there just start getting that vision of what you want to plant this year in your life.

Take a paper and just start writing. Plant those ideas. Don’t worry about the how, just start picking out your seeds.  When picking out seeds from a catalog you really don’t question the whole scientific growth process of plants.  You just go oh that would be nice. Stay on that thought train. What would be nice to see grow in your life? 

On either the 1st or 2nd, you pick lol

Safely, let’s be careful here, burn your seed list if you have a fire pit or just burn candles on a safe plate on top of your list.  If you can read list to your candles. 

I’m a white candle girl on Imbolc,  but if you want to match candle colors to your wishes or seeds. Feel free! 

Enjoy the dawning of Spring finally nearing slowly here. 

And let the sunshine in your heart shine into your life. 

Blessed Be 
Also a great time to do some spell work,  if you need my help I am here! 

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