Heard a rumour I made it to another spell casting review blog.

I’ve been a professional spell caster online for many many years now. I started at eBay, ended with near 3000 positive feedbacks, then moved to Etsy, 400 there, now I’m at Artfire chugging along.
I’ve been bashed on review sites, raved on review sites and everything else in between. I respect anyone who starts a spell casting review site because there are some serious cons out there.
I think it’s a good idea, but my issues are, when a spell caster is then not able to respond or defend themselves against a review left about them. That is in no way fair and because these spell casting review blogs and sites get indexed pretty high on Google search they can really hurt a business.
If your going to have the power to bother someone’s job that they love and reduce clients. You need to play fair.
I recently heard, a reviewer at one of these sites thought I seemed legit, which anyone who knows me knows I live my job, beyond a doubt and I’m about as for real as a witch gets. But I heard even though she found me ok I guess, she didn’t care for a video testimonial from a past customer of mine, I find that a odd thing to be judged on, but of course have no way really to respond.

Just very bizarre to me .

Anyways so all I could do is rant here !

Just be careful following these review sites, if your gut says the spell caster seems good. They communicate with you pretty timely, and their prices are in your budget and affordable to you, give em a shot. Your gut is always your best judge.

Btw I went over there, it’s this pro boards spell casters exposed blog.
Omg they pick on witches and casters for all sorts of tiny things that have nothing to do with their actual spell casting.
It’s like a giant witch hunt just to slander and gossip.
I feel it really brings harm to witchcraft in general. And I suggest anyone into learning real witchcraft or being a proud witch stay away from that place. It may of been started with the intent to protect from con artists and scams, but it’s turned into nothing but a cesspool of hate, gossip and slander, with no real avenues for anyone to teach real witchcraft or even defend themselves.
What a negative place..
I said my peace there, I’m sure that will be deleted.
But moving on before I absorb any of that bad juju.

One word for them. Karma.

Broomsticked on Artfire

Very hard to do in business to a extent, but trying hard to get there lol