Psychic Reading Guidance message from Ancestors and or Spirit Guides


Please Read
This is different then most common psychic tarot readings,
Which I am still on break from but can offer tried and trusted referals.
This is for a general spirit message from your guides or ancestors, whoever steps up in perfect love and trust.
It will be about your spirit and life in general not a certain topic. I actually find these one of the most interesting and helpful readings out there. I will use both Tarot and simple intuitive skills to perform this service for you.
Legally I must state for entertainment purposes only..:)

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Psychic Reading Broomsticked on Artfire

So You Know Local Reno and Carson City Pagan Real Psychic Reader Has Gone To Esty.

I think you all know how I feel about Esty personally lol

But in this case a man Ive known forever through the actual community here has opened a Rune Psychic Reading shop on Etsy.

I just want to give him a hand and some support. I really liked the reading I got from him..

Give him a shot. Ridculously Affordable !

Silver Tree of Avalon on Etsy