2 tools to use with spell casting for better results. Hypnosis and Sound.

So after the plantary crap fest of July 2019. I figured August would come around and my own personal spell work would really kick in etc. As it was going good in June.

Well alot changed in my life Im now taking care of my 7 month old teething grand niece full time. I love her shes a cutie but I think she sucked out alot of vibrations out of me lol Just Kidding but it does get stressful and I am energy drained.

When Sayda my youngest was a baby my personal spell work went down hill too.

You gotta remember spell work amps up. If your sleep deprived, drained, stressed, anxiety ridden your not gonna have that much to work with. Self care has to come first.

Your diet doesn’t need to be perfect. You can stay up and binge netflix now and then but when its daily and your adjusting to something new and stressing most of the time your spell work results wont be as strong. Just how it works.

So what can you do. Go back to basics.

I would start on you tube, spotify, whatever and do free isochronic sound therapy. Or binural if you have good headphones.

Im a fan of alpha waves, they dont knock me out like delta waves, and for some reason theta waves can hurt my head and make me slightly nauseated.

Beta waves maybe helpful in the am. But people who wake up stressed and anxious wanna be careful with them. They can raise mood though.

But its the alpha waves I find best for breaking down stress walls and anxiety without becoming too sleepy just relaxed.

Get enough rest. You need energy, not coffee jitters for spell work to really do its thing.

Hypnosis. The self hypnosis apps are fine, some way better then others, find one you like. Even if it just to sleep deeper. Or a nice anti anxiety anti stress one and start using it.

Then before busting back into money or love spells

Use your inner sunshines, your confidence, road openers, luck, maybe some free chakra reiki balancing music back on you tube.

Then from there go on to your weight loss or money spell and I can bet you your results will be way more intense.

It sounds like alot of work but its really not.

Im about to go in and put on some alpha waves myself . Ive gotta kinda start from square one too.

So we can do this together!

Dont focus too much on raising your vibration or having a perfect vibration or perfect life. Your gonna have nights you can’t sleep, days you skip lunch or eat junk, that’s fine. Just take it one day at a time and try to just move a step up from yesterday. Add in the tools above for a couple of weeks and you will see what I mean you will notice your calmer with more energy and then your ready to really get the most from your spell work.

Where to find and spot legitimate and real spell casters.

So I was checking on my first Google ad seeing how my baby ad was doing.

And I ran into Ashra of all people giving out advice about how to tell if a spell caster is legitimate.

I swear to god I almost choked on my wine. She’s rambling about legitimate spell casters having atleast 9 pages on their website.

Ok here’s the thing alot of us Real spell casters don’t even have a website. Its just simply easier to like me list on Artfire. Currently experimenting but getting no where with Poshmark.

Why? Because knowing how to cast a particular spell does not make you a IT professional.

Way Way 2 different things.

And if your like me and try to stay affordable you don’t make enough to hire anyone lol

When I do get around to doing my own money spells and they kick in. I take my kids on vacation, I go see the oceans, I go enjoy life. I don’t do big websites since the Real witches com was hacked and I have no interest in doing that again.

I have a Facebook page and a shop on Artfire

Really one can be a dam fine witch and keep it simple.

Even the fiver witches now personally I can’t fix a candle for 5.00 lol But I spent sometime playing around there because it was cheap, mostly with readers and some reiki, I was happy with most of the people

You do not need a 9 page website to be skilled. You just need to be skilled in the art of witchcraft.

That’s like saying every real artist must use this brand of paper and paint or they arent real artists.


Real witchcraft comes from practice practice practice, I have been doing this locally offline for 20 some years.

Online since 2006 back on ebay.

I don’t need 9 pages …lol

That has nothing to do with my experience or skill level

And I personally am not a fan of fivver but think about it. You wake up one day decide your gonna be a scam artist spell caster or reader.

You’re not heading for fiver.

People who are actually building their names and skills are gonna be at fivver

Scammers are way way way more likely to have the website with the higher prices and paying google to shove them up so far you won’t see the real witch over in the corner on Artfire.

Its common sense. That’s why on my Facebook page Jessasjuju I share readers I know personally that don’t have big fancy pages but I know are real

Witches that are real and confident know that there’s plenty of people for everyone. We support other people in the craft. We have sisterhood, we learn from each other.

I see it on facebook alot some of the best distance reiki people and psychic readers I’ve met were from pages that bring everyone together.

How a witch does her or his spells is very personal. If you don’t click with me Im confident enough to recommend a friend I know is real to you then toss you out to google and the fancy websites and risk you being scammed

I will also always be honest with you, Im a Virgo that’s just gonna happen lol

But I get the guys wanting time travel, vampire. Shapeshifting spells.

These things arent real. Anyone selling you crap like that is a scam.

Anyone promising over night results or guarantees

Huge Scam

This is the fricken art of manifestation, of changing reality as you know it. Pretty intense huh, actually as long as you stay out of your own way and allow it, its not that hard .

If your trying to force someone with no respect to their self will to love you, ..your selfish and need to grow up.

If your doing a money spell but have a core belief that money should be earned, how you really gonna allow a lottery win ? That’s a huge conflict that will fall flat.

If your still carrying any type of deep hurt or low self esteem from past relationships how are you gonna attract a ideal lover?

These are the things real witches will ask you.

Your results arent based on some sort of this witch or spell is more powerful

You’re results are completely determined by you ability to let go and allow yourself wonderful life experiences.

I learned alot making my first Google ad

The keywords

Powerful witch

Fastest spells

My personal favorite overnight results guaranteed

Umm guys this is all bullshit and has nothing to do with real true actual spell casting

Its money and what google knows people search out of desperation

Your being scammed.

So my best advice is use common sense, read up a little about spell casting . Understand other people’s right to free will even if its painful

And use spell casting to enhance your life one step at a time as you are ready.

When you can stomach a lotto win without losing friends and family and believing its absolutely ok to recieve that money without guilt. You will probably win it with a money spell.

When your asshole ex that tore you down finally gets out of your head and you realize your worth. A draw ideal lover is perfect

When your finally confident and sure of your skills who knows where a ideal job spell could land you

And if your not there yet I offer ancestors messages for guidance, confidence spells, inner sunshine spells , forgiveness and healing and road opener spells to get you where you need to be so that the other spells can manifest bigger results

Its like I always say about money spells if you have a dime the spell will enhance that dime. But if you got a hundred dollar bill that spells energy got alot more to work with.

And what’s often the difference between the person with a dime vs the hundred dollar person?

Spells like confidence and inner sunshine

So think. Where are you starting from

Why are you low on money .

Why aren’t you in that ideal relationship

Start there. Start at your core the more you have at your core ..the bigger the results

So forget all this powerful witch and spell crap, that’s not real. All spell work does is enhance what you have

And if you don’t have much I keep my spells Affordable on a non 9 page website because as a abandoned foster kid with no family I should of been a crack whore , ..but spell work changed my life .No ..i’m not wealthy or that exciting I had kids and became a good mom against all odds.

That was more important

But the fact I am as sane and stable as I am considering all I went through I guarantee you, you’d be surprised I am even alive !

That is real magick its working with where you’re at and becoming more then anyone would of ever thought .

Not how fancy your webpage is