Carson City Nevada Summer Solstice Open Ritual June 24th 2018 Davis Creek

Summer Solstice Celebration.

Hosted by The Carson City Pagan Group.

11am to 5pm Sunday June 24th 2018
Davis Creek Park.

Open Ritual
Open to all paths.
Kid friendly.
Ritual Wear , no sky clad, but Robes etc fine, or causal dress also fine.
Please bring atleast 1 canned or packaged food item or hygenie item to be donated to a local charity.
Also a pot luck dish to share and your own drinks.

We will be doing a full ritual, we suggest bringing with you one ritual sized candle with a intention you would like to manifest before winter carved into it, words or symbols of your choice.

And if you would like to write a letter to a loved one on the other side to be burned. Please bring it with you.

Newbies are welcomed as stories will be told and the ritual explained.

After ritual we will eat, and perform a spiral dance, and maybe see if we can get a drum circle going.
I will have my henna cones with me if you would like a small simple henna design 🙂

We really hope to see a good turn out for this, very mellow crowd, no drama, like I said it’s fine if your new or eclectic and normally more solitary, and just feel like being around people for this event and in such a beautiful location!
We would love to have you.!

No one is selling anything or pushing you into joining any groups.

This is just a simple let’s get together and have a beautiful day ritual.

Please bring drum if you have one, drum circle may depend on how many of us do and we kinda need a leader !

If you read tarot cards or runes and would like to exchange readings with another reader please everyone bring your cards or runes etc.

Those first learning, bring them, maybe someone will help you a bit! Don’t be shy!

We are also looking for anyone with a large fire safe cauldron or makeshift one for the letter burning.

Please do RSVP if possible so we get a idea of how large of a group to expect.

Let’s have a beautiful day together, in peace, in hope, in nature, in circle, in celebration.

Ostara Egg Ritual Ideas and Instruction.

So I was hoping to get a video made but simply am running out of time this year.  

I am keeping this ritual close to the way I once practiced it in a Dianaic Wiccan Coven but since going Eclectic Solitary more on the Hoodoo side of things,  this Ritual should work well for all, new age manifesters,  Wiccans, Pagans,  Hoodoo Peoples, and even people just simply like art ! 🙂

Get yourself some eggs, and a big pot of water , boil your water. 

Now remember unlike Easter Eggs your not gonna be eating these,  so don’t worry if you over cook etc.

Your also gonna be using your pot of water as a bit of Cauldron . Now what you use in your water mix is up to you and depends on what your doing. 

I’m gonna use my lucky egg mixture for example. It’s actually a bit on the Strega side of things.  I put in a ton of Basil, Rosemary,  Thyme, and Lemons or Lemon Juice, and some fast luck sachet powder from Lucky Mojo.But if you don’t have that on hand Basil and Lemons well never let you down.
I also burn a lucky incense while cooking and sip a glass of Moscato  ( very optional but I like to feel fancy lol) 

So stir your water and put on music that really puts you in a good place. 

We’re gonna try to glue your world and reality to that good place that music takes you too.

Now once you got a strong boil going,  put your eggs in.  Let them reach hard boiled states. 

Then take them out to cool

Now your gonna sit and basically make a vision board on a egg lol

There are several ways to do this,  one of my friends says she glues wish lists or petitions on her eggs, I’m more simplistic as I basically just sit with colored sharpies, write my name, my magical name is Jessa, for clients I use their real names. And then I attempt to draw sigil. Some of use from Runes or Reiki ( Google those) Some I use the same ones I always have over the years. Shamrocks are my luck charm sigil, just is. Can’t go wrong with it. 

If you have a little money and are doing a whole bunch of Shamrocks or hearts yes,  cheat and use a ink stamper lol

But anyways you decorate your egg with atleast your name and symbol of intention, then I personally do write out the intention, which is in this case, Good Luck. 

Now you can also dye your eggs as you would on Easter. Using colors to match your intention. You can use Easter Egg dye or natural dyes such as Coffee and tea and Hibiscus and Red Wine etc , I just prefer writting and sharpies. I also let my daughter come back with regular Crayola markers and color over my writting because it makes her happy 🙂 
Then once your happy with your egg it’s time to go bury it.

Now if your like me,  for years I lived in apartments and couldn’t really get a good chance to go bury them,  so I learned to use my outdoor balcony container pots for my spring flowers,  yes that counts.

You can also go to your local park and find a private spot to bury. 

If you bury eggs on your property of any sort it’s known to bring prosperity, but if it’s not possible,  it’s fine to use a hiking trail or park etc. I did a few years and never noticed a difference in results , Same with balcony or porch Container dirt. 

You could even make someone a good luck gift. Put a egg in the bottom of a container,  add dirt, plant seeds,  let them grow a bit and give it as a good luck plant! 

Cool huh?

Eggs should be done in outside plants, it’s ok to use in starter plants but once it’s time to go outside they should go outside. I don’t suggest burying eggs in indoor house plants. 

If I do get a video made I will return to post it! 

I’m up to about 50 eggs I’m doing for people on my Facebook Page!

Jessasjuju on Facebook 

Free Easy but Powerful Transformation to Manifestation Solar Eclipse – New Moon Magick Spell

Free , Easy but Powerful Transformation Manifestation Spell For New Moon with a Solar Eclipse.

Materials needed
White candle
Toothpick-knife to carve candle
Sharpie for leaf writing
Bay Leaves or any Ground Tree Leaf will do

Smudge, and Center however you do your thang:-)

On your white candle, carve a round sun then cover it with the moon, leaving the partial elcipse shape of the new moon

Light your white candle and…
Meditate on the flame, that fire transforms and illuminates. Ask for clarity and truth during this eclipse cycle. Give yourself permission to release any and all thought forms that no longer serve your highest good.

On a Bay leaf answer this question:What area of my life needs something new or what is it I wish to see happen in a area of my life ?

Now on a second Bay Leaf or Leaf of choice
Look at your candle flame again and ask , What is blocking me from finding my ideal experience in the area of your life you wrote on the first leaf.

Write on the 2nd leaf that intuitive answer

Meditate on this or a similar release statement and from your core breath in power and be ready to release .

All energy is neutral. I now release and transform this energy into an energy source that can be utilized for the highest good. So mote it be!

Crumble the 2nd leaf over the candle and let it burn , focusing on the transformation of the energy becoming neutral energy again.

Now take your 1st leaf and hold over the candle , blow out the candle letting the smoke rise up and touch your first leaf. Visualize the new transformed neutral energy giving power to the 1st leaf

Bury the first leaf as a seed for your new beginning, either outside or if indoors a house plant will work! 🙂

When you feel like you’re clear, thank the Deities, energies, spirits, guides, angels, etc. you’ve worked with, and bury the ashes in the earth, and imagine your goals for transformation fulfilled. Blessed Be.

Created for October 2014 New Moon Scorpio-Partial Solar Eclipse by Jessa The Hoodoo Honey of Broomsticked !
Broomsticked on Etsy