Samhain Halloween for those who didn’t get along or had abusive family.

You know when I first started practicing years ago, Samhain or as I tend to call it Halloween, wasnt my favorite ritual wise. I have 3 kids, my oldest 23 , my youngest 8. So for 23 years Its been a night of costumes and trick or treating and carving pumpkins with my kids and honestly one of my favorite holidays because its just plain fun.

But it was the whole honoring ancestors part.

There’s alot of adoptions on both sides of my family. My mom abandon me at age 4.

My father spent my whole childhood in prison.

I was raised by my Grandmother who I had issues with back then and didn’t really know any of my deceased relatives.

So it was just a confusing ritual to me. I had no idea who I was honoring.

But my family like many were full of addicts and abusers and violent, not so wonderful people , atleast the few we knew of because the lineage only went so far back because of adoptions on both sides.

So I just really ignored alot of the Samhain/ Halloween rituals.

The irony is I had no idea I would later fall so in love with ancestors I never met I would end up doing 90 percent Ancestral magic the whole year round

But I did.

It was a few years into my practice, my now adult kids were still young.

I wasnt a perfect mom but did my best to be a hell of alot better then I had known.

I had a very very strong spirit guide at the time who had helped me through hard times and as Halloween was nearing that year I asked her if it would be ok to honor her at Halloween as a ancestor.

A few hours later I was at some public outing and over heard someone say they had heard the coolest quote, you are the product of the love of a thousand ancestors

And it clicked

Ancestors are not just your mom and dad, grandparents, great grandparents, they go back much further then our minds can even imagine.

You might not even be the same race as your orginal ancestors no matter what your orgins are.

We know now that when your grandmother carried your mother inside her womb, that baby already had her own eggs that would later bare you.

Our Ancestors go all the way back, all the way back, to the pyramids, to ancient mysteries, to things we may not have even found out about yet.

You have no idea the power your ancient ancestors may of held.

So when doing those rituals on Halloween you don’t have to honor anyone recent that hurt you and if your adopted and just have no idea who to honor, just imagine your ancient ones, let them be mysterious.

I found the more I did this , the more I opened myself to it, the more that were able to help and watch over and guide me and I was led to Ancestral magic which would improve my life and those of my children in miraculous ways and also kept alot of dysfunctional cycles from repeating.

I hope to be a active ancestor for my children as there’s very little resentments and were very close. But of course I hope that’s still 50 years or so away lol

Till then I know the love of thousands watch over us, and help us when needed.

I may not know exact names but I feel them and I feel loved, loved by so so many.

I have felt a few fiesty ones too , lol but very protective and will stand you back up after a fall pretty quick.

So don’t shut out this wonderful part of the practice in fear that every single one of your ancestors were bad

We all have a few bad apples but we have a 1000 good ones too

Take a bite 🙂

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The Light and Fire of Imbolc

So here we are, some Pagans celebrate it the 1st night of Feburary,  others like me the 2nd. Why? I honestly don’t even know,  I was taught the 2nd so out of years of habit that’s how I roll.

As most know I’m a Electic type anyways,  and there is a zillion websites on the sabbath itself,  so let’s just get to the nitty gritty. We are welcoming back the times of light and starting to plant baby seeds. We will also do similar  at Ostara the Spring equinox in March so I like to consider this the picking out what seeds we wanna plant holiday.

Almost like making a vision board again , which should of been done back at new years,  but if you flaked, Imbolc is a great time to catch up!

We’re gonna look at the major areas of our lives.  How is your love life,  your health, your finances and career, your social life,  your inner relationship with yourself? 

What do YOU wanna do this year.  You do NOT have to know how to get there just start getting that vision of what you want to plant this year in your life.

Take a paper and just start writing. Plant those ideas. Don’t worry about the how, just start picking out your seeds.  When picking out seeds from a catalog you really don’t question the whole scientific growth process of plants.  You just go oh that would be nice. Stay on that thought train. What would be nice to see grow in your life? 

On either the 1st or 2nd, you pick lol

Safely, let’s be careful here, burn your seed list if you have a fire pit or just burn candles on a safe plate on top of your list.  If you can read list to your candles. 

I’m a white candle girl on Imbolc,  but if you want to match candle colors to your wishes or seeds. Feel free! 

Enjoy the dawning of Spring finally nearing slowly here. 

And let the sunshine in your heart shine into your life. 

Blessed Be 
Also a great time to do some spell work,  if you need my help I am here! 

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Full moon group candle intention ritual on the day Prince died. Letting go of what has passed and focusing on life in the here and now. 

I was so excited for tonight. Had been preparing a huge group intention candle for friends and clients. Plus had taken on 6 individual spell orders instead of my usual 4.

Then about 10am the tv flashed to a special report, Prince had died.

Shock, then tears, then just sadness hit. Luckily I saw my therapist at 1pm and was able to process and feel and get back on track for this very special full moon. 

It wasn’t easy I’m so grateful it was therapy day. The universe was looking out for me there, for sure! 

So here I am , starting tonight and happy and at peace, doing what I love. I wish that for all of you, through tears, shock, bad days, you still find that one moment where you feel love and joy and connected to all. 
Happy Full Moon and Huge Blessings to all .  

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Walking with our ancestors while the veil is thinning.

I miss my Grandmother and even though so far I’m not feeling her as strongly as others who have passed, I know she is there.

Samhain, Sowin, Halloween is the time to say Thank you to those crossed over that you knew and also Thank
you to the ones you didn’t, but without them, … you and the ones you knew, wouldn’t be here.

When were young, family advice can seem stupid, old fashioned and not important, as we get older , we realize sometimes they did indeed know what they were talking about. This time of year is perfect for using Tarot, Runes or just quiet meditation to ask for the advice of the thousands whose love created you. Your tribe from the other side.
They may not of been saints in life, but that alone made them wiser, and now on the other side they have a tremendous view, you don’t.

Speak to them, listen, and thank them often. Even if you do not know exact names call to your family beyond.
And know you are blessed.

Happy Autumn!

New Oshuns blend of fixed rice Mojo Bags, Magical Bags


Curled up on my couch, watching the Cubs vs Cards game, stuffing and sewing mojo bags with fixed rice for Etsy, eBay and Artfire shops. It’s the
one thing I can sell on all three and this batch is my Oshuns blend for love and money drawing and magick.
OMG it smells so good. This is my favorite blend.
I could make these forever.

I don’t have them listed yet, getting them stuffed and sewn while game is on. Then will photograph and get them listed .

The oils I use are different in this fixed rice , it’s a mix I get locally, these will run 19.99 with free shipping in the US as compared to my 14.99 range ones.

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Mabon, Fall Equinox, Super Moon, Full Moon, Eclipse September 2015 Cheat Sheet for Spells and Rituals Easy

Great Cheat Sheet for Mabon lol
And remember although the equinox was today, Saturday is actually when we will have the exact same hours of dark and light, with The super moon eclipse also over the weekend, so it’s a great weekend for saying thanks, giving offerings, protection and prosperity spells, and my favorite, making wine or visiting local wineries, or just enjoying a glass or some Apple cider, leave a little glass out with some sweet bread for your ancestors, and just enjoy the


calm of a fall breeze..And whisper thank you into the wind.

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Fall Equinox Mabon in Ritual and how to work in that Mercury Retrograde.

Aww, sweet sweet Mabon that brings in my favorite season of Autumn.

There are many great simple solitary ritual ideas for Mabon, that usually involve reflections and giving Thanks for all that you have brought to harvest in this past year.
The added bonus of Mabon in a time of Mercury Retrograde is, Mercury Retrogrades are all about looking back and seeing the past with new clarity.

The combination of the two gives us chances to see more clearly and honestly the true blessings that have manifested over the year. Things that seemed like endings that became brighter beginnings, and any reoccurring situations that you handle in new more authentic ways should be given much attention and gratitude over.

Mercury Retrogrades help us to see more clearly where we harvested even when we may of been in more grey or shadow selves.
And the gratitude we express during Mabon, can help us with brighter, more authentic harvests for many years ahead.

Simple Mabon in the Mercury Retrograde Ritual.

Take some time and clearly go over the past year, the ups, downs,
Find things to be grateful for, it may seem hard but they are there.
These are your harvests
Carve words or symbols of thanks for your personal harvests into tea lights or small candles of your choice.
While burning the candles give thanks to your chosen higher powers.
And feel your connection to all the world around you.

Samhain is the final harvest and gratitude based Sabbath of the year, from Mabon to Samhain do your authentic best to keep gratitude alive during this time.
The time in between these two Sabbaths is a very special magical time, try to walk it in Grace and Gratitude.
Make memories to look back on next year during Retrogrades that are full of good feelings and you’ll be surprised how magical this time was for you!

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