Free Giveaway to celebrate my love for Fall! 

  • There will be many giveaways from now till the Holidays as this is my favorite time of the year! The Season of the Witch for sure:)

First free giveaway is a Amazon Giveaway.

Time for a new #Amazongiveaway 

Time for a new #Amazongiveaway 

Get your good luck incense burning and click here to enter!

Good luck everyone, Pumpkin and Apple Abundance Spell Video coming soon!!

3 pack of Sage Smudge Wands for Spring Cleaning! 

So in my continued adventure of life post Etsy shop lol And trying to still stay visible as the real and honorable witch professional spell caster that I am, I am running my first #amazongiveaway please feel free to enter by May 10th!

I’ve actually won 4 amazon giveaways myself playing them through a Facebook page called freebie mom. So I’m now on the other side as a contest haver instead of player.  It feels good to run a giveaway. They really are fun. 

Amazon Giveaway for a 3 pack of Sage Smudge Wands