So what is this Real Witch doing for New Years Eve?

Well today I will be cleaning with Florida Water, then a bit later I will be doing a special smudging with Sage around the whole house. Then I’m gonna run to the store with my little one to get Champagne and Sparkling Cider, Then were all gonna cuddle up with snacks and watch the ball drop on TV. Then after everyone is asleep In gonna do just a little personal Spell Work for the new years. Just really mostly realising some blocks and negativity to stay in this past and not follow me into tomorrow. Then make some new wishes and day dreams for next year. No big resolutions really just a division of what I want to leave sit in the past and what I’d like to see happen in the future.

Yeah not maybe as scarey or even interesting as some people would like to believe a witch would be up to on New Years Eve lol

But like me this is probably what many real Witches will be actually doing across the world 🙂

Have a wonderful New Year no matter what you do tonight!

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