The Forgiveness Spell.

Why can the forgiveness spell amp up all your other spell work?

We are born into the world with a bunch of other imperfect humans roaming around, and we ourselves are imperfect. So here we all are, these humans with all their emotions, wounds, addictions, health issues, etc etc.

You ain’t getting out of here without being hurt or without hurting another. Just never gonna happen.

So on this plane we call Earth, this thing called forgiveness exists, and like grattitude, it is one of the strongest powers out there.

People mistake it for saying ok you hurt me I’m just gonna forgive and forget. That’s actually not forgiveness, that’s usually more stuffing it down and keeping that vibration locked within you.

We all have loads of that inside and at many different levels.

And add to that all the times we know we did something less then perfect and we stuff that down too, it can become a very very very heavy load to bare on our bodies and minds and spirits.

So say you do a find a ideal lover spell or a money spell even and deep down your carrying this heavy load of hurt you have forgotten most days inside you.. there’s only so much left of you that the energy of the spell work can move around.

You have to do some healing, you have to lighten your inner load, and heart.

You have to have room to add energy.

By forgiveness your not saying the action was ok.

Your saying I’m not gonna carry this weight. I’m gonna give it back to the universe to recycle into new energy. So that I have room for new things.

All forgiveness is is cleaning your closet, taking old crap to the thrift store and making room for new stuff.

That’s it . That’s all, your not condoning any hurtful actions, your just freeing yourself from the burden.

And making room for that ideal partner or job or sudden windfall of money.

So if you have been doing spells like that, and you find the results minimal.

Make sure your closet isn’t full.

If your alive and breathing it probably is lol

Road Opener spells are very similar too and can also help . But if you have been hurt pretty bad or are holding on too deep guilt over a past mistake, try the forgiveness, then the road opener, then …pick what you want to invite into your life :

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The Light and Fire of Imbolc

So here we are, some Pagans celebrate it the 1st night of Feburary,  others like me the 2nd. Why? I honestly don’t even know,  I was taught the 2nd so out of years of habit that’s how I roll.

As most know I’m a Electic type anyways,  and there is a zillion websites on the sabbath itself,  so let’s just get to the nitty gritty. We are welcoming back the times of light and starting to plant baby seeds. We will also do similar  at Ostara the Spring equinox in March so I like to consider this the picking out what seeds we wanna plant holiday.

Almost like making a vision board again , which should of been done back at new years,  but if you flaked, Imbolc is a great time to catch up!

We’re gonna look at the major areas of our lives.  How is your love life,  your health, your finances and career, your social life,  your inner relationship with yourself? 

What do YOU wanna do this year.  You do NOT have to know how to get there just start getting that vision of what you want to plant this year in your life.

Take a paper and just start writing. Plant those ideas. Don’t worry about the how, just start picking out your seeds.  When picking out seeds from a catalog you really don’t question the whole scientific growth process of plants.  You just go oh that would be nice. Stay on that thought train. What would be nice to see grow in your life? 

On either the 1st or 2nd, you pick lol

Safely, let’s be careful here, burn your seed list if you have a fire pit or just burn candles on a safe plate on top of your list.  If you can read list to your candles. 

I’m a white candle girl on Imbolc,  but if you want to match candle colors to your wishes or seeds. Feel free! 

Enjoy the dawning of Spring finally nearing slowly here. 

And let the sunshine in your heart shine into your life. 

Blessed Be 
Also a great time to do some spell work,  if you need my help I am here! 

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Sun Witches, Sun Magick. No your not alone.

​I remember when I first started practicing I felt often times called to work with the sun.At the time I only knew witches who worked at night on certain moons and felt connected to the moon. Later I would find out there are such things as sun witches and was grateful to not feel alone. I’m noticing more and more importantly being lead into evening magick this summer. When the moon and sun begin to slowly cross paths. But for those who wonder why I do spell work no matter what the moon is doing.  It’s because no matter what time it is, I’m usually drawing down the power of the sun in most cases. Except for new and full moons then I do cross back over and some nights I do call in both.

Some people seem to think the Sun is best for spells involving money and all things material.  And the Moon being a symbol of emotions should be used for all things romance and love spells.

I disagree with this.  I find doing love spells using the power of the Sun can warm cold hearts, heat up sex drives, and be just as passionate of a energy in love work as the moon. 

So stuck in a waxing moon but have a delicious new spell your dying to try out. Draw down that radiant Sun energy the same way you would the moon! You might just find your inner Sun Witch!
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Witchcraft and Spell Casting for Those Who Have Allergies or Asthma to Candles and Incense. 

Witchcraft for those who have allergies and Asthma to Candles and Incense.I was a pack a day smoker for years, also suffered from bronchitis a few times a year. As I got older I quit smoking but noticed as a professional spell caster doing 3-4 spells a night alot of incense and candles were really getting to my allergies and asthma .

But I had always done candle Magick it was my trade mark.

The one thing I found that helped was switching to white unscented candles then just carving my intention and color into them. It’s absolutely OK to use white for anything and you can even carve in a combo of colors such as green and gold for business success .
Incense for whatever reason nag champa is the only one that doesn’t really bother me but I let it burn for awhile on the altar before using the altar. If I sit right in front of it it will still bug me.

I can still use sage, the mini wands atleast to smudge without a attack, but I have bought a sage citrus spray to clear the air of negativity more daily and in quick situations.
Fire symbolically sends our wishes to the the sky…

So for someone who really can’t use even little unscented candles or incense at all , How else can you release to air? obviously throwing a oil sprayed and sigiled petition into the air outside is one way but if your doing 3 or 4 a night that’s alot of paper in your yard lol
Sprays work great if your doing your own work especially and I will try to add some recipes here for different sprays, they still hit the air just like smoke and carry your intentions.
One thing I have learned that helps, something I do with locals especially and try for yourself is to get a nice big rock.. Can be ugly as shit lol just a big guy and charge it under the moon as a prayer or wish rock, similar to a vision board.

Then over the month between full moon to full moon write sigil style petitions with initials on the rock. Leave it back outside on new moons and full moons. And when you finally run out of room, place it outside for good. 

It will eventually make your yard look very interesting lol If your extremely artistic do Mandalas to represent the intention of the creative.. The rain in time will wash and evaporate the wish back to the heavens above.

As I get more into my Crone years of course I get that the real Magick comes from inside of us anyways. But being a spell caster I love to get messy and create new ways to do spell work and not hurt my aging health while doing so. I want to encourage you all to always keep learning, experimenting, playing and trying new things. Where there is a will there is a way. You sure can still do great magic even with asthma or allergies.

Blessed Be.

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2015 has been a rough year, even for a witch ! 

As we enter into Yule here and head into 2016 I have to be honest in my reflection back on this year. It has not been my personal best. My spell work clients are reporting back with success from the spell castings I’ve done for them but I admit my own work for myself, when I have actually gotten around to it has fallen a bit shorter then normal and some of that is my own mindset and lack of self care. 

Life is about helping others, it is what we’re here to focus on, it is all about love and helping those in our worlds but you have to also self care especially if your stubborn about asking or allowing others to help you. I got myself into situations by being slacky in self care where I have really had to rely on help from friends the past month and a half. 

This is a bit of a strange pattern of mine anyways , I’m all super witch till right passed Samhain/Halloween then it’s like I try and hibernate on self care lol And by Yule I’m climbing out of some self created mess every dam year ! 

Being a witch and being aware of the power inside doesn’t mean your ever going to be perfect at it, I’m a Virgo , trust me I try ! LoL

But we are gonna slack, have pity parties, space off self care, forget we know better, forget to use our powers, try to hibernate when it’s cold and dark then realize we just don’t have a life that allows that. 

Luckily being witches we can pull ourselves out of it pretty fast. 

Do your road openers, your energy amps, your inner sunshine spells . 

Sometimes our self sabatoge is just our higher self reminding us that we are Indeed a witch and we can indeed pull it together ! 

I remember back when I was very young and hanging out in various covens wondering why if these people were such powerful witches why some were so poor, some obese, some desperately single and alone, yet when they would help me with a spell or show me something I saw it work time and time again. Being older I get it now, being powerful doesn’t mean your not still human, not still distracted, not still prone to self sabatoge.

And when we go to help others we sometimes do it with a love for others we don’t always have for ourselves. 
So my suggestion for all witchy poos and everyone really is if you really want to magically create a awesome 2016 for yourself and others … Start back at the basics, love helping yourself as much as you do others or as close to that concept as you can get. 

Good luck! 

Jessa The Hoodoo Honey

Etsy suspended my Mojo Bag and Readings shop

Welp I had started a second Etsy shop, just Mojo Spell bags and Psychic Readings. And just got notice I’m suspended once again.

You know what’s sad is those mojo bags are the best out there, I know I collect Mojo Bags, mine rock lol
And they are bigger, sigils hand painted, hand sewn, they are awesome. And totally hand made and unique.

Etsy is just ridiculous on this witch hunt.
Only psychic readings , no metaphysical claims even on tangible products. Yet why are Psychic Readings so supported, its all energy work???

Just ridiculous.

Here’s some screen shots of my last feedbacks 😦

Still on Artfire where Art and the craft are respected.

My shop on Artfire

Getting ready for the Blue Moon Peak

So I’m here on the balcony, got some blue moon charging going on.
A jar that will be a money luck jar , started with white wine open
A bowl full of crystals, candles, my favorite moon necklace, 5 pentacle necklaces for my shop, and my lucky black cat wine bottle and my wine cork runes.
Had some icecream as it’s hot out yet, gonna rest and be up in a few hours to catch that 3:42 am Blue Moon Peak 🙂
Will be repeating all of Friday night too, into Saturday night. Along with blessing petitions and personal spell castings and my clients spell work.
Blessed Be to all those up doing the good work tonight.
Moon Sister Moon..Shining From Above…Shine down upon us…

Sweet Sweet Lucky Blessings and Well Being and Contentment and Abundance and Health to all.




Mabon Magic, the Rites of Autumn.

Everyone loves the start of fall, the magic in the air, the trees putting on displays of Divine art. Football , Pumpkins, Hoodies.
But yet many overlook Mabon as a time to do serious mojo because it’s post harvest and really known for simply a time for Thankfulness for what you’ve already had harvest in your life.

But like any equinox or solstice Spell Casting for Balance is a great choice!
Balance doesn’t scream the excitement of Love and Money Spells for most.
I cast spells and have been for 20 years , 10 professionally online, and have yet to sell more then one balance spell a year ! Yet Love and Money sell daily.
So I take that to mean, Balance Spells seem boring.
The irony I find in this is it’s often , Imbalance in our lives behind the issues in our romance, or our weight gain, or our over spending or stress levels that are raising issues to make us look at love , beauty and money spells in the first place! And without balance in our lives the manifestation from the more exciting spells can fade fast because we haven’t worked on the original issues of imbalance in our lives.

Mabon and fall into winter in general is our chance to balance our imbalance before it consumes past and future harvests.
It’s the chance to smooth out the core issues to reap bigger and longer lasting harvests all year round.

So as your giving Thanks at your Mabon and Autumn festivals, gatherings or at home alone if your going solo…notice as your saying Thanks for each gift of the Harvest in your life, it’s ok to also ask or petition for the inner balance in life to ensure fertile fields in the spring that will bring sturdy harvests year after year.

Gaining balance in your life is a strong magic that although may not be exciting or adventurous spell work to do, but often times is the exact mojo you really need!

Jessa The Hoodoo Honey