To Charge For Spell Castings or Not To Charge. Pagan, Wicca, Conterversy.ย 

โ€‹I had a fun little discussion with a stranger today that has inspired me to take a minute to discuss a old heated topic in the Wiccan and Pagan and Hoodoo and all sorts of Spiritual Services Industry I guess we will call it.

 Most people have no issue paying a local Tarot Reader to read, A local Wiccan to teach a workshop at a shop, But God help you as a spell caster if you charge ! LOL I worked for free when I first started, I about went broke keeping up with demand. Supplies ain’t that cheap peeps lol

And when you start doing it online you can end up spending hours a day explaining the difference of control and influence and Self Will, and I do mean hours, so we’re supposed to put in all that time and effort on both teaching and performing Spell Work for Free? Really? Seriously? 

I also teach Tribal Belly Dance or have, was I supposed to do that for free? 

Is my Voodoo Doctor I use occasionally supposed to not charge me for his time and supplies and why is it acceptable in Voodoo and Hoodoo over all for workers to charge but not in Wicca? There’s even a slight almost sexism here,  There are more males selling Voodoo services, and more females in Wicca , yet it’s more accepted when males sell spell casting services? 

That’s some slightly shadey shit right there lol A game I will not play. 

If you are providing a service, be it teaching yoga , dancing, performing rituals, reading cards, life coaching, reiki healing, hot footing lol I dont care what your doing but if your *doing* that is a verb, and it’s OK to accept a fee for your *doing*

It does not in any way mean your a scam artist. 

Your charging a fee for you doing a service. 

That is it.

This myth and common misconception of Witches who charge for services are Con Artists has gotten to be broken .

Stand up and defend your rights !

September 2016, Could it be more powerful? ย Season of the Witch 2016

So just a reminder for everyone,  because even the best witches loose track! 

There’s so much power going on in September it should be one interesting month! 

We kick off the month with the 1st of 2 New Moons, this one on a solar eclipse,  the 2nd New Moon ends the month on the 30th, called the black moon and is very powerful. See previous post on this month’s black moon.

But then on top of this in the middle we have a full moon with a lunar eclipse right in the middle of the month on the 16th 

Followed by Mabon, the fall equinox,  on the 22nd , the Start of The Season of the Witch and Pumpkin Spiced every thing! 

This is quite the massively charged month! Time to dream big and shoot for stars and get real clear on what we want and work on massive gratitude for what we’ve already manifested in our lives! 

I’m here to help all month long,  get those spell work orders in this month as it is a sheer magical time! Broomsticked on ArtFire


Pumpkin Money Spell

My personal favorite Pumpkin Money Spell

Take one small little pumpkin, carve the top off, sprinkle in a herbal money mix or don’t, pumpkin seeds and pumpkin are both money drawing so you don’t even have to add anything , or add some clove and nutmeg to smell good if you like ๐Ÿ™‚ then cut the top to be just a little smaller then your glass candle , and squish it on in there, I used red for love with basil mixed in it because the money I’m trying to draw to me is for Black Friday shopping for the Hubby and used that symbol of love to show money for giving in this spell working ๐Ÿ™‚
Halloween, Fall, Special Lights Money Draw

I’m gonna burn this for days off and on, a good 3 with this candle then do over and over till seeds are dry, then will use those for more spells. But I like this one you can keep it going forever and even though I added a little basil, you really don’t have too.

You can also write your intention statement or draw sigils on the pumpkin
๐Ÿ™‚ I like the pumpkin plain for the working I’m doing as I need my Xmas money in fall-thanksgiving time and I think the pumpkin it’s self is a better symbol of that then I could draw lol