Mercury Retrograde plus Beltane and the thinning of the veil between worlds.

I noticed a few nights ago I started having dreams in which my dead Grandmother who raised me was coming to me with little messages about things. I was so busy with a Earth Day Festival my Belly Dance students and I were dancing at that I basically forgot it was a week till Beltane. No wonder when I have quieted my mind, the very few times I had, it seemed like my guides were closer, louder,quicker. Same for my ancestors. Finally it dawned on me, omg it’s almost May 1st. Derrrrr lol

All that thinning of the veil between the worlds ..what a beautiful time. Advice is closer and louder, things for me are manifesting way fast. 

If your new and maybe not even fully Wiccan like me, here are some ideas to really let your guides and ancestors help you out. 

Smells, they love smells from the past and what a better time then during a Mercury Retrograde to investigate any ancestors you have. Did they have a favorite flower? Food dish? Cookie? Music? 

What did your house smell like and sound like as a child?

Recreate the past…The Mercury Retrograde is famous for bringing it back , use it to your advantage, laugh with your spirit guides over all the dumb shit you’ve done and the psychos you once swore you loved. This is a great time to heal and forgive. 

It can also point out cycles and history starting to repeat itself in work or love or even health, your guides and ancestors are right here to help you break through some of this, use it! 

Your electronics are gonna be equally goofy with a thin veil plus retrograde , might as well stay off when not working and dig up some old friends still alive and spend some private time with those beyond .

Enjoy the blend of a Beltane in a Mercury Retrograde . It’s a great time to manifest what you really need that maybe you’ve never had before. Confidence, Etc. 

And most of all know that you are the creation of the love of thousands that created those who created you. Let that really sink in and then walk in honor of it as this time passes. 

Blessings to all 

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