Woke up with heart burn might as well write about Witchcraft.

So did my spell casting for people tonight. Faded off into a nice sleep as always after then woke up suddenly with heartburn.

So here I am as my tums kick in.

I just out of curiosity typed in The Real Witches into Google search tonight.

And for the first time not even the old you tube videos came up. Really none of our old stuff came up. It made me kinda sad.

I know I could type in Jessa the Hoodoo Honey or Broomsticked or Jessasjuju and most likely see something of mine but its not the beginning, ..the beginning was me and Erin Renee and the Real Witches.

No mention of the time we were filmed for our own reality show that never aired, ..but still.

No mention of the Brittish Magazine we were in.

No mention of all the radio shows Erin was on back then.

I guess the internet is fickle lol

But time has moved on, me and Erin have evolved in our ways and paths.

So I guess its ok to let go of that time period as the internet seems to of done. Its not like I don’t have the memories within me.

But slowly heading towards 50 here it might be nice to Google my memories too lol

Im kinda thinking when this winter sets in and I have more time of making a webpage just a simple one of everything I still can find not just for advertising but for my legacy and Erins. To look back and remember all the beginning of how we got to where we are now individually.

We started the you tube channel in 2006 I believe.

Its been a long time

And I admit I wanna type in The Real Witches and still see our faces lol