Removal of Splat Purple and Blue hair dye from senstive skin and children. Tonic Water was the winner

So I goofed.

Back in December my 10 year old daughter asked to try some purple manic panic made for brunettes like her. Honestly didn’t think it would work. But it did and it was beautiful in the sunlight.

But Manic Panic only lasted not even a whole week.

We made a few messes with the manic panic but it was actually easy to clean up.

So after buying a box of purple and a box of blue splat hair dye for brunettes. I was told it lasts longer then Manic Panic but was not told it also stains everything in its path way worse then Manic Panic.

We found out the hard way.

Situation, hair line , ears, and drips on side of face, neck and collarbone of the skin of a 10 year old.

A purple and blue bathtub. I have asthma and mild back issues. Magic Easer that had saved us with Manic Panic messes was doing nothing on Splat.

Mom has panic attack and starts googling.

So as you may know from googling there’s a million tips. Most there was no way in hell I was using on my child’s senstive skin.

Or using on bathtub with back issues and Asthma in a tiny apartment bathroom with no window.

Here is what we did and what worked.

For hands. Hands only and rest between. Lava Soap. Yes the man soap. If you have ever been married or dated construction workers you know exactly what Lava soap is. Its 97 cents at Walmart 1 bar is all you need.

Now wasnt about to wash my childs face with Lava Soap.

Best most gentle way as long as no allergies. Unscented Sensitive Skin Make up remover wipes and coconut oil.

Now Baby Oil and the Organic Olive Oil I had on hand worked too, I Would bet Crisco would theoretically work.

But having a old daughter that went through the Coconut oil for hair and skin craze I felt the safest using it. So I got some and 5 packages of make up remover wipes. You may not need that many but when I say I goofed up I don’t mean just a little hair line back of the neck whoops.

I mean my child looked like the kid on Willy Wonka or a Amethyst Smurf.

So for us I bought alot of make up removal wipes because I could tell this was going to take all day but was slowly working.

Before trying the make up remover wipes and Coconut oil. Other attempts with shaving cream was made. That worked ok but not as well as oil. We also used a lil bit of dawn dish soap, then wiped off with make up remover wipes and then just toliet paper to wipe it all off. That produced similar results as Coconut oil but Dawn is still just a little harsh on face so decided to use that after doing coconut oil and make up remover all day. UPDATE after slow progress I on a whim doused a facial washing sponge with tonic water. It worked twice as fast as any oils I tried.

We also then used a soft small kids toothbrush in tonic water on hairline. Way faster progress without oils in stray hairs.

Tonic water alone on a cotton pad also worked ok but facial sponge and tonic water was for sure the winner.

Now for Mom’s Asthma and the tye dyed purple and blue tub.

And also some spots on kitchen counter

Months ago I saw a article on a mom’s group on facebook about using disposable Clorox brand toliet bowl wand disks for cleaning bathtubs and showers.

I fell in love with the idea as having asthma there was no fumes. I didn’t need gloves. Didn’t have to scrub too hard. A little elbow grease but nothing too intense and the wand made reaching far sides of tub way easier on my back.

So after reading that bleach was the most recommended for removing stains from the tub I started to make a spray bottle full of bleach water and just hope I didn’t end up in hospital with bronchitis in a week then I was like wait the Clorox toliet wand disks have bleach but no harsh fumes

And are on a wand so won’t need gloves and wont throw my back out.

So I went stuck a disk on my Clorox toliet wand and sure enough after 2 disks the tub and shower walls were clean. No asthma attack and very little back pain.

So that’s where we are. Slowly every hour or so still using coconut oil and make remover wipes and making good progress. I can’t swear she wont have a spot of color still behind her neck tomorrow but were getting there. And her skin is fine.

I did think about old tricks like sea breeze , noxema etc but did not have any on hand.

The old brown hair dye removal trick of ciggeratte ashes for removal if it wasnt a ten year old child I would try myself but trying on my child just really seems nasty. But it is just ashes. I might break down and try it right on top of her ears where the dye stains are the darkest but trying to avoid that desperation.

If I give up and do it and it works miracles I will update but trying to avoid going that far.

I actually did try the old ciggeratte ash trick on my own hands..nope. Only works for permanent brown hair dye apparently.

Repeating update that the best thing we ended finding was a facial sponge, actually a fancy one from Sephora I was selling on consignment for her Aunt on my Poshmark and Mercari so I will end up just giving her aunt a little money for it. And Tonic Water. And a small soft bristle toothbrush soaked in tonic water for hairlines and ear sides.

So I hope this helps some other Mom and Child calm down a little. And save some experimenting and energy and time.

I have not started the process of dealing with my purple and blue tye dyed towels yet. They were old ones anyways so not extremely worried about those.

But will not be washing them with the regular laundry.

I’ve heard from others now to expect you or your childs hair color to re stain every thing after they wash their hair for pretty much weeks.

So my advice there is to just use the same towel. And make sure hair is completely dry before they put on clothes or put head on pillow etc.

Have fun! Jessa