When your Spiritual AF but life throws a curve ball.

Im not sure what all I’m going to say here. I just saw that a guy that was semi well known in the new age community and actually published a tarot deck that did pretty well I thought, I had heard of it.
Is homeless now.
Its on his website so this isnt gossip or anything.
But just a time as we go into a new year about admitting hey the best psychics don’t always see every thing coming . The best spell casters can’t make a money spell work over night for themselves either.
So why do we do this. Why do we believe in what we do.
I can’t speak for him but I know for myself when I do my work and don’t get mad at my cards or go into denial I truly credit my beliefs and practices for keeping as sane and stable and comfortable as I am.
Without going into long stories I turned out way way way better then I technically should of.
And I’ve had my share of creep up crisises I sure didn’t see coming.
But yet I rise.
And I hope he does too but it’s never over night.
We use our practices to grow. To manifest and create better lives and we absolutely can I know that without a doubt. But that does that mean there’s never gonna be a sudden storm or curve ball? Nope that’s just gonna happen. But never let that discourage you from keeping on taking care of yourself , trying new things, believing in magick and the unknown.
What a boring life if would be if we let every curve ball discourage us from connecting with the nature all around us and making a wish on a star.
Don’t let that part of yourself ever go even in the middle of a curveball you just hang in there.
Hang in there.

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