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#FreebieFriday #giveaway #freebie #sharethelove   so for today’s freebie and giveaway I found this really cool candle with some pretty good intention statements on it. LIVE WELL, LAUGH OFTEN  LOVE MUCH who couldnt use a blast of those energies into their life right? If you would like to go on the petition  paper that this candle will burn upon just say your name below, be over 18, and try to share if at all possible, if not to your wall publicly, then Google plus, Twitter or sharing privately by messenger to someone is fine.  I’ll be taking names for 48 hours and will do this on Tuesday night which is the #supernewmoon #newmoon So if you were thinking of doing spell work get them orders in!

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Free Spells, Free Ritual Ostara, Spring Equinox Egg Ritual.

I’m hosting hopefully the biggest Group Egg Ritual ever , This Ostara 2017

March 20th 2017 from 10am to noon.


One Egg per person, this is free but donations are accepted , but seriously like 1 or 2 dollars max is fine and Not required.

Please see my Facebook page  Jessasjuju to sign up for this event!

And learn more! 

I really want to help atleast 100 people, that is my goal and my daughters will be helping.

If you are local to Northern Nevada and want to come over to help with Ritual and do your own egg feel free to contact me! 

I’m not sure this link works having issues 

Go to my page it should be relatively close to the top of the page for awhile!

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The Light and Fire of Imbolc

So here we are, some Pagans celebrate it the 1st night of Feburary,  others like me the 2nd. Why? I honestly don’t even know,  I was taught the 2nd so out of years of habit that’s how I roll.

As most know I’m a Electic type anyways,  and there is a zillion websites on the sabbath itself,  so let’s just get to the nitty gritty. We are welcoming back the times of light and starting to plant baby seeds. We will also do similar  at Ostara the Spring equinox in March so I like to consider this the picking out what seeds we wanna plant holiday.

Almost like making a vision board again , which should of been done back at new years,  but if you flaked, Imbolc is a great time to catch up!

We’re gonna look at the major areas of our lives.  How is your love life,  your health, your finances and career, your social life,  your inner relationship with yourself? 

What do YOU wanna do this year.  You do NOT have to know how to get there just start getting that vision of what you want to plant this year in your life.

Take a paper and just start writing. Plant those ideas. Don’t worry about the how, just start picking out your seeds.  When picking out seeds from a catalog you really don’t question the whole scientific growth process of plants.  You just go oh that would be nice. Stay on that thought train. What would be nice to see grow in your life? 

On either the 1st or 2nd, you pick lol

Safely, let’s be careful here, burn your seed list if you have a fire pit or just burn candles on a safe plate on top of your list.  If you can read list to your candles. 

I’m a white candle girl on Imbolc,  but if you want to match candle colors to your wishes or seeds. Feel free! 

Enjoy the dawning of Spring finally nearing slowly here. 

And let the sunshine in your heart shine into your life. 

Blessed Be 
Also a great time to do some spell work,  if you need my help I am here! 

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Law of Attraction Vision Boards , How to use Magick for better manifestation results !

I will be making a video of this later this week , just in time for New Year’s Vision Board making. 

One of the best things about making a vision board is its easy cheap and fun. I’ve actually seen life coaches charge like 30.00 a person for Vision Board making workshops, for some reason that annoys me to no end. If the hairstylists on Jerseylious can do it, trust me,  you can. 

But for free ,  no workshop charge even,  I’m gonna teach you to make not just a vision board, but a witches vision board. Yours will rock my loves and it’s not even that much harder, you will need a few extra supplies and a little extra time, but the extra umph to your manifestations will be amazing! 

1. Buy a poster board ,  how big is up to you,  you could get like a big school project size or a smaller one. You will be hanging this up somewhere, in your bathroom, your closet, your work cubicle ,  your kitchen, where ever. 

If possible do try placing it near your altar if a witch, or facing a sunny window that also let’s moons shine through. Or near  houseplants .

Now that you have your base paper and figured out where to hang it ,  your next step is to A. put the paper in direct sunlight through a window or outside (a small amount of rain or snow is fine just will need to dry and not soaking . 

Or B. Leave it near a window, balcony or outdoors, under a New Moon or Full Moon depending on which is nearest your time frame and needs.

You can do both A and B but really one or the other is just fine ,  if your vision board is more material, physical and financial you may prefer sun energy, if more about moods ,emotions, and deep love , the moons energy might be best choice.

Now your paper is charged , if you can not do either of these steps, here is a alternative, also if you did the above steps you can also do this for a extra charge.

Take your phone put it on a good speaker . go to You Tube and look up Isochronic Binaural Beats. They must be Isochronic when not using headphones ,  Look for one for helping manifestations or one designed with happiness, joy, etc and play music near board for as long as you can,  you can leave it and go on with your day, try to get atleast a 30 min total charge going though. 

Now to get really witchy lol

Get you a spray bottle

Your gonna need Basil leaves ( grocery store spice rack is fine )

Rosemary, Cloves , Cinnamon ,  Sugar, just plain old white sugar,

A little coffee already made, just a little,  

And Vodka and just a little orange or pineapple juice or a combo

And jasmine oil if possible 

Put your basil in, really use alot! Basil is just a magical mojo!

Now just pinch on in , no particular amount  the Rosemary, Cloves , Cinnamon, Sugar, 

Now pour in just a swig of coffee ( pre made liquid) Instant is fine

Your jasmine oil if you have some

And then a good splash of orange or pineapple 

Now fill rest of bottle with vodka 

Shake the hell out of it and let sit if possible near a window for 24 hrs

Now after that’s set your gonna spray that paper like crazy,  get it pretty damp, while spraying you can chant or say, As long as it harms none so Mote it be,  over and over again or just at the end with passion

Now let it dry, while its drying if you want you can play it either more Isochronic Binaural Beats or Reiki Music (also on You Tube or Spotify)

After its dry the last thing your gonna do is make a few symbols on it, hand drawn,   This is where you can hit Google and find something personal . 

Ideas Google Witches Rune Symbols or Regular Rune Symbols ,find symbols that represent your intentions and draw them on there . You can Google Sigils for your particular intentions. As long as you hand draw them on there,  that’s all that matters! You can do just one or as many as you like.  

Now on your board I want you to write As it harms none, So Mote it Be.

You can later paste a picture over that just make sure it’s on there 🙂

Now you are ready to proceed to the regular vision board making process.

Which basically is cutting out pictures and phrases and words from magazines which build a vision of what you want to manifest in your life.  I do mine yearly in January . But you can start whenever.  Birthday Vision Boards  are always fun,Doing a mutual newlywed one together is fun too.

There is hundreds of examples of regular law of attraction vision boards online for free, just Google if unfamiliar with that part.

Take your time making it, it takes me a shit load of magazines myself lol

Most libraries have free magazines, look for one’s that represent what your intentions are ,  business , money,  travel, yoga, Cosmopolitan , gardening, better Homes and Gardens, also catalogs with things you like are great starts! 

Have fun everyone and may your year be magical! 

I’m posting my 2016 one,  about 85/90 percent manifested in one way or another. 

Why I don’t use moon cycles to cast spells.

Writing about this because it’s a question I get from clients alot and it’s a valid question.

I was taught that those who draw down the moon and use the moons energy in spells do need to follow the moons cycles and know if it meshes symbolically with the intention of the spell work being performed. 

But I stopped doing lunar witchcraft years and years ago, as I was simply called to rely on Sun energy, and as I came into Hoodoo, Oshuns, Ancestors and Guides became much more important to my work then moon cycles. 

Although I do still do spell work on new moons and full moons that yes, I do draw down and honor the moon on those two nights a month. And I like that it keeps me fresh and out of burn out.

I love spell casting love it, I’m addicted to it lol But if there is Solar storms I then turn to Oshuns, If I feel Oshuns isn’t right for a spell I switch to Ancestors, sometimes It’s Sun , Ancestors and Oshuns I use in a spell.  And occasionally Aphrodite. You just never know lol

Some of my spell casting looks like a Strega Kitchen Witch blew up a Basil factory lol and the next day it’s back up to my regular Altar. I do things intuitively and have a great success rate so I figure I must be doing something right after all these years!
But I realize from my customers that many assume all witches or spell casters are bound by moon cycles. Just wanted to educated that no.  Many are, but not all. And it’s absolutely ok to switch it up now and then with Goddess or Diety energy or Sun or Angels or Music Frequency or what ever energy you want to add to your own inner force while doing spell casting. You may find that there’s something you really connect with more so then the moon too, or not. Many females especially just are all about that moon, but it’s also perfectly fine to be a Sun lover or certain Star lover, etc etc 

If you need help, no matter what moon cycle , I’m here!

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September 2016, Could it be more powerful?  Season of the Witch 2016

So just a reminder for everyone,  because even the best witches loose track! 

There’s so much power going on in September it should be one interesting month! 

We kick off the month with the 1st of 2 New Moons, this one on a solar eclipse,  the 2nd New Moon ends the month on the 30th, called the black moon and is very powerful. See previous post on this month’s black moon.

But then on top of this in the middle we have a full moon with a lunar eclipse right in the middle of the month on the 16th 

Followed by Mabon, the fall equinox,  on the 22nd , the Start of The Season of the Witch and Pumpkin Spiced every thing! 

This is quite the massively charged month! Time to dream big and shoot for stars and get real clear on what we want and work on massive gratitude for what we’ve already manifested in our lives! 

I’m here to help all month long,  get those spell work orders in this month as it is a sheer magical time! Broomsticked on ArtFire


I learned something new today,  Black New Moons vs Blue Full Moons. Black Moon September 30th 2016

So I’ve known about Blue Moons since first learning about Witchcraft like 100 years ago lol, JK, I’m turning 43 this weekend, started reading Wicca books in my teens so you do the math 🙂

But and why in all these years I never looked this up or thought about it, I don’t know. Today I’m on September on my wall calendar, writting my daughters school stuff on it,  and I notice there are 2 New Moons in September.  The 1st and 30th. I think to myself , wonder if that’s seen as special the way 2 full moons in a month make the 2nd full moon a blue moon. 

So I start researching.  Come to find out yes,  2 New Moons in one month is special and the 2nd new moon of the month is called a Black Moon. And I also discover it is taught that on that Black Moon is a extra powerful time for Spell Work. So I am way excited.

We’re coming into fall slowly, the season of the witch,  and of course the grand Samhain, Halloween times and we get a black moon the day before the best month ever of October, oh Hell yes! lol

So I just wanted to share this with others.  September 30th will be awesome night for spell work and manifesting , let’s all get to it!

If you can’t cast your own spells,  I offer that service at Broomsticked on ArtFire

 Good luck everyone and Happy Black Moon! 

Reminder charge your jewelry and altar items! Same as a Blue Moon! 

Lammas Blessings

I admit I tend to slack on celebrating Lammas every year.  I just don’t feel a true connection with it. It’s also the hottest weeks in the desert here surrounding it, kids are usually getting ready to go back to school,  my birthday is in late August so I just have my mind elsewhere. 

So I figured I would use this example to tell you it’s OK if there’s a holiday or sabbath you don’t connect too. 

We discussed Sun Witches vs Moon Witches last post. Well not every witch is gonna be all super into every turn of the wheel either . I like the 4 big guys, the summer, fall, winter and spring actual solstice,  equinoxes. And of course let’s face it we all love Samhain. 

But for those who do love Lammas or feel connected to it ..I hope you do have a blessed One! 

We all walk our paths individually which is alot of the reason most of us became witches.  So wherever you are and if you made a corn doll or picked sunflowers or not, Huge Blessings my friends. 

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In love with a Witch? The perfect Valentines Gift for the Witchy Woman, or Man in your life!

So here is a awesome idea I did as a promotion for my group Mystic Market on Facebook. 

Empty out a chocolate holding heart box of your choice and fill with witchy fun things! 

I used small crystals, mojo wish beans, various incenses and resins, a money spell candle, and some simple Jewerly. 

Be creative! 

You could also pull this off for a Birthday gift easily! So if your reading this now go buy the Heart boxes while still on sale ! 

Have fun!! 
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