Free New Years Eve Manifest into 2018 Group Ritual. 

So I decided since I’m staying in on New Years Eve to make it more fun and magickal by having a free manifest your wish in 2018 New Years Eve Group Ritual!
Go here to sign up and for details!

Nine Wishes New Moon Spell

Nine Wishes on the New Moon Spell. Such a easy but powerful New Moon Spell. Go to the store and get a bottle of Bay Leaves ( full leaves, found at any grocery shop in spice isle) Write 9 wishes, one per leaf on the leaves. Bless them each with a kiss and thank you to the Universe, Higher self, Goddess or God of choice. Bury them in grass or under a tree etc near your home or special spot under the New Moon. I charge 9.99 to do this for those too busy to do so. But it is a very easy one you can do yourself! So give it a try!!