The Magical Mystical and Mysterious of Northern Nevada

Northern Nevada a state full of history, most often connected to silver and gold mining. Its actually a hot bed for psychics, mediums, spell casters and paranormal researchers.

I’ve lived here 15 years and would like to introduce you to some of the wonderful healers, psychics, spell casters, reiki masters, ghost hunters and even artists and writters that I have met that make Northern Nevada the Magical land it is.

Jessa The Hoodoo Honey of The Real Witches and Reader and World Famous Spell Caster.

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Jessasjuju on Facebook

I also make charged gem stone wine stoppers for wine or potions or just because they are beautiful!

I sell them at the Carson City Art Gallery on 2nd and Curry.

Winegurly on Facebook

Now to introduce the real star of Carson City…

Sandie LaNae Biography

Blessed at birth with the Gift to foresee the future, Sandie’s career is an Intuitive Psychic who uses her own uniquely devised
visionary Reading method: Stones. Using 117 different minerals for intuiting since 1984, Sandie has strived to give positive and
encouraging readings of what a client’s future holds or to give suggestions on dealing with present day issues.

Too, Sandie is a Spirit Sensitive. This means she has the ability to see, hear and communicate with those who are deceased.

Sandie can receive and send messages to and from the spiritual world.

As a lifelong Spirit Seer, Sandie has many years of experience dealing with ghosts and entities. She is a member of the paranormal
investigations group titled Thin Veil Investigators, established in 2005. This ghost hunting team has conducted investigations in
private and public buildings, as well as exclusive locations. TVIers are a unique investigative team, as each member has one or
more Sensitive or Psychic abilities.

Add to Sandie’s resume the title of author. To date, she has written several books in the genre of what she terms,”Historic/Paranormal.” The books describe the history of a particular building, and the paranormal findings she, and Thin Veil
Investigators, have discovered.

La Nae has also written books covering the spiritual properties of stones, compilations of haunted northern Nevada sites, a text
book for her Ghost Hunting class, and is a published poet.

Too, La Nae is co-authoring a series of books titled “Weird…” (…Reno, …Carson City, …Virginia City, …’Haunted’ Virginia City,…Silver Terrace Cemetery, …Virginia City) with Nevada Historical Society’s ‘Special Works’ historian, Arline La Ferry. Each volume is filled with interesting facts, anecdotes, thrills & chills, and other informational and amusing entries.

“Psychic Creations” is an access television show, since May 2013, that Sandie is host of. The subject content is that of the

Metaphysical, Paranormal, Spiritual, Holistic Health Specialties, with special guests such as local authors, business owners,artisans, musicians and historical lecturers.

Also, Sandie is host in a new (2017) TV show titled: Psychic Creations History Series. This is a program where she conducts interviews with performers who portray the Pioneers of the West, or those who have knowledge and passion of a historic interest. Joining in the newly launched Community Radio station in early 2018, “Sandie’s Psychic Communique” is a program that brings forth enlightening phenomena and knowledge. Topics range from the Psychic, Metaphysic, Holistic Health, Paranormal, Spiritual,
to local talents and trades, including some interesting history.

Sandie’s Psychic Stones Webpage:

Sandie’s Psychic Stones

Nevada Author, Sandie La Nae Book Webpage:

Psychic Creations Youtube Channel

Psychic Creations on You Tube

KNVC Radio “Sandie’s Psychic Communique” program:

Radio Show

KNVC Radio Show FB Page:

Virginia City

Recently took this tour myself and oh there is activity! Great tour

highly recommended!

The Washoe Club

Travel Channel Washoe Club

Debilynn has been a rune reader and healer for many years. She currently is our go to for CBD oil, the good stuff! Gotta feel good to keep that juju going!

Quality CBD oil

Oracle Readings


Mama Em

Hoodoo Queen and Psychic Reader

Ma Em’s World

Erin Renee

Co founder of the Real Witches.

Hoodoo Queen and Psychic Reader and Medium.

Psychic Erin Renee

Jay Crowley

Jay Crowley lives in Jacks Valley near beautiful Lake Tahoe. It offers a versatile environment, with ranching, mining, agriculture, and gaming. Nevada being a large state contains everything from rural countryside to the big city of Las Vegas as well as the smaller cities of Reno and Carson City, which provide an opportunity for my stories. Wishing you enjoyment in reading… I also have many anthologies on Amazon in paperback and on kindle.

Jay Crowley Amazon

I do have a few more people and groups to add from this area.

Will be updating shortly!

Started the October Layered Spell Candle for Moons and Samhain, Halloween.

I woke up to a rainy day and temperatures finally under 80, so got in my mojo mood 🙂

​Starting the charged October candle. Will keep it going for Full Moon, New Moon and Samhain/Halloween

Fixing it for comfort, love, happiness, steady money flow, clearing out negativity and blocks before going into the winter as I know alot of people who practice the path or attracted to it also seen to struggle with seasonal depression as we go
into the holidays post Halloween and Deep winter, so alot of vibrational raising going on in there.

Just a good mix I will continue adding too and growing then burning the bay leaves over during big moons and then finally use in my Samhain/Halloween Ancestorial magick Ritual.

Taking pre orders for Full Moon New Moon and Halloween/Samhain spell casting services! 

Broomsticked on ArtFire 

Professional Psychics and Spell Casters, How Real to Keep It? 

Just How Real and Personal should you get as a Professional Psychic or Spell Caster.
I remember when I started spell casting online at eBay in 2006. Almost ten years ago. We had just started the Real Witches Channel, videos of us doing spells with Erin’s baby girl throwing fits in the background. I think she breast fed in one video lol
This wasn’t even business promotion. There was no non local business yet. That was just us filming ourselves trying to show what the life of a Real Witch looked like.
Then people begged us to go to eBay they could see we were real and wanted our services.
So I did, then Erin followed and not to brag but we were very well known.
Then I attracted the attention of a cyber stalker and realized just how easily found I was, my kids were, how naive with so much of sharing of my real life with good intentions really had been.
I had to learn balance when I re started my business after the stalking. Still always using my own face, my own photos, but had to use past last names, that were not my legal last name, stop showing off my kids, home and family and hubby so much, learn to show the world I’m happy as a witch, this shit works, … but not make anyone so fascinated they wanted to stalk or rob me.
Recently since new year’s I’ve gotten myself involved as a hard core supporter of other psychics and spell casters, trying to form supportive sellers groups etc.
So I’ve had the chance to observe through Virgo eyes.. Yes God help everyone lol! The different forms of marketing people attempt.
Coming off too professional, well let’s face it, that’s usually not a Pagan issue :), but for others it can come across as a bit boring.
But then again I saw the other day a psychic in really bad health try to force herself to keep a commitment to a live free one card reading and it was so painful to watch.
It in no way or shape made me want to bother her with a order.
Made me wanna call dispatch for a well being check !
It’s good to say I’m successful , here is my amazing feedback testimonials, or I’m down to my last open spot tonight. But if your so screwed up people are afraid to place orders as it might be a bother to you. Your doing it wrong!
Also I recently saw a psychic who also does some spells.
Beg for customers so she could order dinner that night
Listen I’m a witch, I have bad days, my life isn’t always perfect but if I’m so poor I can’t buy one meal, and I have the power to do money spells.. Umm Hello.
And I’m not rich. I live a very simple life. I’m not saying to be a good spell caster you should have a zillion in the bank.
But should you be able to manifest a pizza.. Without begging and making it public.. yes…
You should be able to do that law of attraction style without even lighting a candle, come on now.
If you’re saving up for a cruise or a huge vacation or fund raising or some other big deal that’s fine.
I grew up Catholic my great Aunt was a nun. It’s one thing to take a vow of poverty to use it to further your spiritual practice. But if you charge for spiritual practices and make it your profession then parade your poverty around. Exactly how are people going to have faith in your ability to help them.
Not that were perfect. I was a psychology major, I know substance abuse counselors that are still active addicts yet can and do help their clients to recovery.
I know psychologists with more issues than ten of their clients combined that are still great at their job.
So I’m not saying Witches or Psychics or Reiki Masters can’t get sick or be poor and still not be helpful to others, provide miracles for others, what I am saying is if I go to buy a money spell, I’m gonna buy it from someone not publicly complaining about poverty all the time.
If your a poor psychic. Ask your guides for help!
Sickness is a bit different, hate to tell you but everyone will at some point get sick and die. Just happens.
But if you are so sick you can barely function. Learn to deal with it before going on video.
Show your fighting spirit. Tell ppl hey I live with this illness but I carry on. But only if you really can. If you can’t, then get to where you can so you can mean it.
There is so many cons out there in the craft, that the few real ones need to really remember to stop and self care. Take care of your spiritual needs before trying to take on every client. If your sold out be sold out. Don’t make people wait weeks because you’re just so stressed and overworked and overwhelmed. If I hear one more psychic or spell worker complain about having so much work they are over whelmed I will kick them. Find your limits, know your boundaries, don’t get greedy, people will see right through you.

Be Real and Honest but check yourself in the mirror first. How attractive is your reality. ?
Fix yourself first then clients will naturally flow.
This is all said with love and alot of screwing up, doing it wrong and experience in fucking up myself ! 🙂
Love Jessa The Hoodoo Honey of The Real Witches.

In love with a Witch? The perfect Valentines Gift for the Witchy Woman, or Man in your life!

So here is a awesome idea I did as a promotion for my group Mystic Market on Facebook. 

Empty out a chocolate holding heart box of your choice and fill with witchy fun things! 

I used small crystals, mojo wish beans, various incenses and resins, a money spell candle, and some simple Jewerly. 

Be creative! 

You could also pull this off for a Birthday gift easily! So if your reading this now go buy the Heart boxes while still on sale ! 

Have fun!! 
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Psychic Readers Spell Casters Pagan Handcrafted Items Reiki Healers Wanted!

Mystic Market on Facebook Free Sales Page and Supportive Community

So I started going to this group on Facebook called the Pagan Market, it was based out of the UK but has alot of great sellers and members and just this great vibe. I really wanted to be a part of it but due to my location I don’t have regular access to the main post office for international shipping and the little shipping store I use doesn’t do international shipping.
But I liked the group so much, I started a American based group, imitation is the highest form of flattery right ? LOL
I started the group on New Years Day, thought that was special.
But its got a long way to grow yet! We desperately need people with all things mystical going on! From Hand crafted Jewelry and statues or any cool witchy wares. To Spell Casters, Real ones only please. No 1000 rip offs, lol
And good psychics. I know for a fact because I’m one of them lots of amazing Reiki healers and Witches lost Esty shops last year. You are begged to come to Mystic Market on Facebook and list all you want. No fees, No BS, Just list till your hearts content.
I started it because I love what I do and I’m tired of feeding the pockets of Etsy and eBay, building up hundreds of positive feedbacks just to wake up to the whole thing suddenly ended.
It gets heart breaking !
For those still on Etsy and eBay you are welcome to just list and link items in your shops though! I still have a few little things on eBay and my main Spell Casting and Psychic Readings and Mojo Bags on Artfire and when I list just use the links to those items.
Or if you no longer have a shop and just want to sell some used Wicca books or New Age meditation CDs or Want to list your psychic readings you can list those then have the potential buyers contact you to work out payments and shipping or what not.
It’s really great for everyone and totally free for sellers and buyers.
We just need way more people!

Because it’s a Facebook group not a page there is no official URL that I’ve figured out but next time your on Facebook just hit your search bar, type in Mystic Market, should be the first public group up.
And hit join 🙂

I really want to make this something special for everyone!!

Feel free if you do have your own website to come join too and show us what your selling, it is free advertising if nothing else you know! And right now there’s only a few members but if we get a few new people a day we can all create something really special.

Also if you have Tribal Belly Dance gear please join too, I teach and perform and consider it part of my Witchy Ways lol
Also Djembe Drum Sellers. Need you too as I plan on purchasing one soon lol
Thank you again to the UKs Pagan Market for the inspiration to try a US version.

Remember just next time your on Facebook simply search Mystic Market

Thank you!

BTW I was given a link!!! Here it is!!!!

Mystic Market on Facebook

Broomsticked on Artfire

Motherhood and Witchcraft, it never stops lol

So I’m curled up in my bed with my youngest daughter who was sent home from school with the stomach flu after without knowing she was really going to be sick, I had a strange feeling about sending her to school this morning . I couldn’t find a real valid reason to keep her home at that time, but sure enough a few hours later she was indeed back home. So now we’re just laying here, watching Peppa Pig, she’s trying to keep some 7up down, I’m sipping on some sweet blessed Moscato. Which leads me to the story about the witches runes I’ve been making from my collection of wine corks.
Normally Runes are made from wood or stone but a few years ago I started making my own sets from wine corks. They do roll a bit more when you toss them then wood or stone, but on carpet or a tray with sides I feel that you can get a easy accurate reading for sure!
I’ve never been one to just toss my wine corks, I’ve always made Wine Cork Yule wreaths for my Coven friends etc, written blessings on them etc. But the Wine Cork Witches Runes really has become my favorite repurposed project for wine corks.

But for those newer to witchcraft, my point is never be afraid to stretch boundaries, explore new ground, be inventive! Moms do this all the time, it comes naturally, and sometimes something works, sometimes it doesn’t lol
And that is OK!

I used the rune corks to ask if selling them online would be a huge success, unfortunately it doesn’t look like I’ve found the next pet rock or chia head, no , but that’s OK, if I sell a few and make a few friends happy with a cool Yule gift….. It was still fun to do, if someone reading this is inspired to branch out in their craft with their own creativity, then that is what it’s all about.

Meanwhile I’m resting next to my baby girl watching cartoons. Because yes that is part of my life as a witch too.

Blessed Be

Visit my shop for Professional Spell Castings, Mojo Bags, and of course recycled Wine Cork Witches Runes. 🙂
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Black Witch Cocktail (even white witches will love)

On a rainy summer night, have a little fun with your witchy self by making this yummy dark cocktail!
This really is more for fun then any magical purpose or intent.
But having fun is important!

11/2 oz Gold Rum
1/4 oz Dark Rum
1/4 oz Apricot Brandy
1/2 oz Pineapple Juice
Shake well with crushed ice, strain into a cocktail glass and enjoy!

My Spell Casting Services

All spell castings are 25.00
Please read the FAQ listed at the bottom of this menu before purchase!

Love Spells

Draw Ideal Lover, Soul Mate. The I’m sick of being single spell.

Hoodoo Honey Jar
For adding more sweetness and sugar to a relationship.

The Spice it up, Red Hot.
Revives Lost Passion in a relationship.

Addicted to me
Puts you on their mind as much as possible

Dream of me
Puts you in as many of their night time dreams as possible.

Talk to me more. When your craving more verbal intimacy from your quiet partner.

Long Distance Love Protection
When you can’t be together it helps seal your love.

Other Types of Spells


Contact me, getting in touch with people

Self Confidence and Charisma, also known as the Attention Freak

Protection, Run Devil Run with Heaps of Good Luck.

Hoodoo Road Opener and Unblocker

Money Spells

The famous Money Money Money drawing spell as seen on You Tube Testimonials
Draws General Money Flow to you

Business Boomer a money spell specialized for Business Owners.

Money Luck for contests, gambling, lottery , money spell
Specialized for games of chance.

My shop to purchase my spell casting services via PayPal


I need your full name and birth date and for love spells the target’s full name and birthdate when known. If not known please include a statement stating the target is over 18.

I do not use photos.

Please Read Below.

Real Magick , Be it Hoodoo Wicca or etc all aims to do one simple thing
Increase your odds of getting what you want.

I have been casting spells for over 20 years.  I don’t do anything for 20 years unless I’ve seen enough excitement and miracles to keep my focus on doing it.
So obviously more often then not I’ve seen spell casts work big time.

The practice of spell casting reminds us that while we can control nothing, we can influence everything – and sometimes our influence is greater than we think.
But do I know exactly how much Magick increases the odds before casting …nope
Do I swear this will work for you? Ummm no
Will I refund you if it doesn’t? Will you refund me the supplies and time lost in my life performing your spell plus daycare ? Nope you won’t lol

If you use common sense and respect the free will of others I can tell you a spell will rarely fail
Most fail because the purchaser was loopy as hell mentally or trying to force another person into a zombie love slave.

You can’t force love, you can enhance and increase what is there, but it can’t be forced.

Your sanity in choosing a spell to be cast ,directly affects your spells success rate way more so then anything I do ..please keep that in mind!

My general rule of thumb to judge the success of a spell is give it 100 days for peak results . It could peak sooner but over all that’s a basic time frame. And at these prices can not do free recasts.

I care about all my clients, I do this job to help people but please understand I’m not a relationship


expert, doctor, financial planner or lawyer.
I cast spells, that is what I do.